02 December 2010

paypal,flickr and scarves

I am trying to upgrade my flickr account to pro using paypal...flickr will not accept my (very healthy ) paypal account....suggesting it is paypals fault. Paypal will not answer my queries on their help line....whats to do?

I would love to direct you to my Hermes set

I would like to be able to expand my Jacqmar site.....I have some most interesting pieces

I should like to start a Liberty scarf site (I will need a pro account as I have about 700)

or even have a file of my favorite 'no name' vintage silk scarves. Could this one be an Ascher??? I'm sure I have some scarves that are on this site


Lovely Linda has once again used one of my vintage wedding dresses in her imaginative treasury Feather Light. She lives in Florida and has a couple of great etsy shops, JustOneLook and SewFineFashions


  1. Does Pay pal have hot line? Could you call them and solve the problem... I am not familiar with pay pal. It will be available here in 2011 (hopefully).
    I love the last no name vintage scarf, is it hand painted?

  2. It seems that they (Flickr community) is having problems with Pay Pal. Have you tried Flickr forum (http://www.flickr.com/help/forum/en-us/). Good luck with a research on that last scarf.

  3. No help from this quarter because I haven't a clue! I've never used Flickr and am a complete novice with Paypal. Lotta help, aren't I?

  4. yes. I am trying those avenues...it is true Flickr 's software is having problems with paypal.

  5. so many lovely things in this post. As for paypal, they never answer, a bit like blogger!!

  6. I was excited about seeing your Jacqmar collection (love the one in the photo) and then you tell me you have a Liberty collection too! Hope you get your flickr acct sorted!

  7. You are already classified with The Little Maple Leafians .. lol

  8. Lovely scarves, can't help with the Flickr problem though. :) x

  9. Can't help either with your flickr problem, sorry. Just wanted to say that I've just spent a long while trawling throught your wonderful blog. Your collection of scarves and quilts are a feast for the eyes.


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