31 August 2010

getting near the end of the summer

Another sweater I knitted in the 80s...must say, I did a great job. I believe it was a Perry Ellis pattern from Vogue Knitting magazine. This Germen cotton went on for ever, I have, at least 3 baby sweaters from it, and more to come.
Don't know what happened to the color in the close up. Top pic shows the nice olive green.

This morning I ironed and priced a vintage lingerie basket, ready for the weekend markets.

Delighted to be featured in two atmospheric treasuries, both site/place specific, both with a subtle, soft, color scheme.
Late summer in the american south, featured my pillowcases and was put together by nocarnations, who specializes in 'everyday vintage

and che bella che sei, an Italian treasury that makes you want to book a ticket to Italy right away. This was put together by sunnysideavenue.....an embroiderer. Check out their stores!!!

Part of my lovely family on their way back to England....always a sad day.

28 August 2010

80s sweaters

my granddaughter wearing two Patricia Roberts sweaters I knitted in the 8os. top...I believe is called 'smarty pants'. I spent a small fortune on the wool from PRs shop on Kinnerton Street whilst on a trip to London. I made another in white/black/grey fine cotton that I wore with white linen pants. The first time I wore I went to a neighborhood dinner party where another neighbor, and still good friend , spilt red wine all over the entire outfit. I then had to change into our hostess's dressing gown, had a few glasses of wine myself, called another guest 'a narrow minded bigot' and went to sleep on the sofa. That was the end of the black and white number.

Allsorts, again in PR cotton I wore to death...it is almost falling apart but won't give up. I wear it at the cabin.

at the cabin this week.

I popped around to my local LYS, Knit-A-Matic, here in Toronto. Haley is knitting a BICYCLE, that stands out side the door. I will take pics next time I'm out. Do check out the shop blog where Haley also decorated the lampposts!! with knitted collars a few weeks ago .

26 August 2010

scarf day

On the way to the cabin we stopped at a thrift shop (R was gassing up the car) and to my delight I found some lovely scarves, including a 1950s Liberty that I haven't got....surprising since I must have almost 700 by now.

and a super 60s Jacqmar to add to my collection...I have not found a Jacqmar for about a year.

so pleased to have my Colorado scarf featured in this Etsy treasury Rocky Mountain High, put together by the talented Lauren, who makes pretty vintage inspired jewelry.

Its Thursday so it must be Hermes day, some of my collection.

25 August 2010

80s knitting and more

Here is my granddaughter wearing a couple of vests I made in the early 80s. The grey one was from a Vogue Knitting book of vintage patterns, the original from 1932. I might just wear it again. The top tweed little number was from a Vogue knitting magazine, I still have lots of that yarn

My latest little knitter...so anxious to practice she sits in bed at 6.30 am. (note the bed head)

My net lace tablecloth was featured in this delicate treasury , ethereal expats, put together by Ana. Not only did Ana put together sellers who were Brits living abroad, ( how she did that I don't know) she curated a thoughtful, visually stunning list as well. Ana makes elegant jewelry, do check out her shop.

22 August 2010

Market Day again

Saturday morning market at the Brickworks. Once again I forgot to take photos of the quilts and 'Saskatchewan Smoking Jackets' I sold. I did not even take a pic of my booth as I normally do. At least you can catch a glimpse of a sold quilt ( late 70s Mennonite 'Jacobs Ladder') in the back left of my avatar. However, when I got home a customer who had taken my card, phoned to say she would like one of the quilts she saw. Here it is, she is on her way over and it soon will be on its way to a new home. A 30s-40s pinwheel, I love the mix of checks and stripes, note the pretty green striped back. I was told it came from Brampton, 'out by the airport' and not a very attractive place now, I suppose it was delightfully rural when this very pretty quilt was made.

lovely produce and flowers at the market yesterday.

delighted to have this adorable vintage baby chenille featured in this treasury 'ups and downs' put together emily. Check out her shop, which is ever so cute.

20 August 2010

Hip Hip Hooray!

Another vintage souvenir scarf featured in this witty treasury....Fit for a Queen....curated by Claire of Cards and Crafts. Claire is a prolific treasurer, her lists are always intelligent, thoughtful and original, be sure to check them out. I make sure to look at every one she puts up.

A few days at the cabin where nothing worked as I expected. The quilt (remember this one)that I was mending was a lot worse than I thought on the back, I expected to get away with a few patches of the same cotton taken from the old binding, but I will have to patch over quite a few holes together with the lining of an old curtain. This is what I have available at the cabin, so it is in the depression era spirit.

Started to knit my favorite Beehive pattern again, but thought that I might not have enough yarn so I started to add some stripes of a similar weight, remember this. This is the third sweater I have knitted from a cone of Rowan yarn bought at a Yorkshire charity shop for 10p! so I can't complain. I have another cone in a different color as well.

Day after Thursday so it must be Hermes day...part of my collection.

16 August 2010

yard sale and knitting

Dropped by a yard sale on my way home from the market on Saturday...it was almost 2pm and not much left, BUT, 10 balls of 4ply ,I was a bit disappointed to find it was 75% acrylic, guess I didn't look too closely as I was so thrilled to find old yarn. Classic useful grey.

7 balls of wool crepe, nice chocolate color. I think these English yarns are from the 70s. It was so hot and humid I suppose nobody could bear the thought of winter wool.

and then, as I was chatting with the family they mentioned that they had just taken some linen back into the house, and I scored this fabulous, large linen cloth with wonderful cut work. I have not gone over it closely yet but it looks pretty good. Can't bear the thought if ironing it.

Do look at this blog from knitonthenet, a great post on intergenerational knitting. OK, OK, I did send them the photos. Funny I should pick up yarn this weekend....have not bought any for at least 4 months!! (take that back, 1 month)

A sweet mention from my artist friend Barbara Muir on her lively blog...she was the one who inspired me to blog and she also painted the portrait I use as an avatar.

15 August 2010

Market Day and more

Yesterday at the Brickworks Farmers Market I was given a new spot! No walls....and I don't like change. However the position is great and I had very good feedback from the customers. I need to work on this a bit, as in, where do I put my chair? or, how to have a cohesive look (quilt rack is hidden at the back) I had a good day , sold a couple of lovely quilts (why oh why do I not take more photos, so sad that I will never see them again) and some vintage curling jackets.....again why do I not take photos of these good looking guys?, one mum bought a 50s Irish sweater for her 9-10 year old, what a handsome little boy, he looked great.

Deer Valley Venison had chickens today, such nice people to work with.

Pimenton, who make lovely Spanish food, having a good time
and look at this veg, from various farms. I love the way they look like fabric designs.

Came home to two lovely etsy treasuries. What is it with souvenir scarves these days? I'm not complaining , as they are always interesting,but yet another was featured in On the road again, curated by Heart City, a fun, quirky collection, put together with a sure eye.
and some vintage 60s quilt blocks in Yard Sale, put together by Saxib, colorful and pleasing, Check out her recycled, repurposed hair bands.

13 August 2010

Pubs I knew.

Another lovely treasury comes my way, my featured souvenir scarf of London was sold so I'm showing another one. This treasury Get the London Look, made me quite nostalgic. I was born in Shorditch, which is in the east end of London. They say only people born within the sound of Bow bells, which I was, can call themselves a true cockney. In fact, my parents were running a pub called 'The Bell' at the time of my birth. I then went on to live in
The Marquise of Granby, I believe on Goodge Street
The Cock, Kilburn High Road
The Gregorian Arms, Jamaica Road, Bermondsy
then my dad decided he did not want his 'girls' bought up in the docklands so we moved to
The Kings Head, on the East Kent coast, Margate
and finally The Captain Digby in Kingsgate.
Quite a long journey to a lovely, tiny island on the Georgian Bay of Lake Huron!

taken in May, on our first trip up this summer ( my knitting view)
Taken this week....son-in-law and granddaughter enjoying some artistic time together and the view the other way (my g&t view)

Its the day after Thursday so it must be Hermes day.

10 August 2010

souvenir scarves

I have always liked old souvenir scarves, they work on many different levels. Design wise they are very decorative with their own art form. Geographically, historically and socially most interesting . Fortunately, for me, they seem to be in vogue once more and are selling steadily on etsy and doing well at markets, also.

last Friday as I listed groups of vintage pillowcases 2 sets were featured in treasuries as I was putting them up! that was exciting.

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