31 March 2014

Nelson Market

Two very appealing stalls at the Nelson Saturday morning market.


 First up'Piccalilli'. Deborah makes enchanting clothes for little boys and girls using re-cycled vintage blankets. ( lots available, and kiwis know their wool)

 They are very well made and  have a lovely, gentle, old fashioned look....... A.A.Milne or  1930s Nursery Rhymes . Heirloom garments for sure,  that also sell on Felt, the NZ craft site.
Note the handmade buttons and the blanket labels.

I was also very taken with Atticusfinch. Using up-cycled fabric, specially wool, Shelley's hand made clothing and accessories

 have more of a Brothers Grimm, or Hans Christian Anderson  folk lore look. I think the above cap is straight out of Hansel and Gretel.

Now, all I need is a toddler to buy for.

28 March 2014

Crash bang

Here comes the Maersk Jaun

28,361 tons, steaming in to Port Nelson, just below our rental house. Ready to load and unload containers.

Unfortunately for me, this activity goes on all night, crash bang, crash bang.........

Night time view from my bedroom.

Hurrah....she's leaving on the morning tide

with some tug boat help through the cut

If truth be known, I love the port activity and look forward to it every year.

24 March 2014


Op shops in Nelson NZ are very tempting. 

As much as I would have liked to clean up on casseroles and china, luggage allowance limited me to

vintage scarves and ties  (most now online in my etsy shops) and buttons!

I specially like the way the Hospice Shop sews them on old playing cards.

Some of the buttons have already found their new home......I was going to do a 'new knitting' post but this is the only item I made, however, aren't those wee square m-o-p buttons adorable?


All in all, I spent $20 - $25 over 7 weeks and I am only showing you a small fraction of the loot. Time and money well spent.

18 March 2014


It is seldom I post 'sunset', or even 'view' photos.

But the colour and light here, over looking the Tasman Bay, was  spectacular.  Even the sea was glowing like embers so that inside of our house was lit up.
Taken just before the tail of Cyclone Lusi swirled down to the South Island.

The same view, just over a day later,  as the lashing rain and wind moved out.
 I have  to say I love these delicate greys and greens as well,

Only another week here in New Zealand, then its back to Canada where it is still -30.  Grrrrrr, Brrrrr

14 March 2014

Kiwi op shops

The op shops ( opportunity /thrift/ charity stores) in New Zealand

are quite alluring, they even have their own directory.

  The selection is quite different to the goodies I am used to in Canada. or England.

 Lots of 60s 70s pottery....Nelson is known for its potteries and clay.

Interesting tea sets and woodwork.....

  Good finds in furniture.....

Alas, all too heavy and bulky for me to take home.

"Opping" is a noble occupation


 and I will show you what I have managed to find here in Nelson and Richmond another day.

10 March 2014

A day at the docks

Port Nelson opened its gates to the public last weekend. The port hold an open day every three years for visitors to see its facilities and operations.

Our house is high on the hill above the port so we strolled down,

  to see the cranes and containers up close and personal.

 I had thought that the containers  were lifted by giant magnets.....wrong. They are attached by strong ( very strong) twisting pins. The crane operators have such a exacting job they work 2 hours on,one hour off.

The port personnel, from stevedores to VPs    were on hand....ever so friendly and informative.

 Seems everyone  who was someone was there.

  PS. we got to clamber over all the boats, including the tugs.

07 March 2014

Kind Kiwis

 Linda, my blog buddy from Razzle Dazzle Quilter,

noticed I was in NZ .......she is from Taupo. 
Knowing I collect vintage and antique knitting patterns, she  sent me a super collection of Kiwi old patterns, from the 30s - 50s, ....none of which I have seen before.

I shall set to work.....I fancy knitting some of the baby undies in modern colours if I can find some fine wool , perhaps some left over sock yarn will tip up in an op shop.......heaven forbid I should actually buy retail.

I have also been thinking of teacosies for some time......great stash busters. This one looks suitably easy.

I am going to issue Linda a challenge .....she might be sorry she was so thoughtful and generous!
Thanks Linda.

04 March 2014

A day out.

These young gentlemen were out for the day at The Rai Valley A & P show.

Some were forced to helping out  their mums who were raising funds for the local school by running a hamburger stand.  But I reckon they were there to pick up the girls

 who were otherwise engaged in the morning.

These confidant competitors were waiting for the dog show to begin.

I think they all won their divisions.

I learnt a bit more about the 'sport' of wood chopping as there was very lively commentary,

Cory, here,  is new to the game. I thought he was going to cut his toes off!

 Kiwis come prepared

to have a good time. I know I did.

01 March 2014

Rai Valley

Yesterday we were out at the Rai Valley A & P show. I love a country fair.

A lovely, unpretentious, rural event.

 The weather was perfect, strong sun and a cool breeze.

 The whole area turns out.

The antique hay baling steam engine put on a display, puffing away.

My idea of a perfect day out.

More to come.

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