25 February 2014


After a fine walk along the shores of Lake Rotoiti we planned lunch at Top House, only to find it


Now, I am not a automobile aficionado, new or vintage, but I have to say

these suckers were prime specimens.

There must have been about 50 cars parked , all,of course, in perfect nick.

Look at that gracious running board....or is it a fender?

Beautiful colours, amazing shapes.

 Their very well heeled owners were ensconced in a marquee, laughing, chatting and generally having a great time.

 So we trundled down the mountain in our rent a dent and picked up sandwiches from the bakery in Wakefield ......very good they were too.

22 February 2014

Nelson, NZ.

Our rental apartment put out the flag for us when we arrived in Nelson, NZ. 

We are happy to be back in this delightful small town. It has 3 weekly markets ( a post of their own),   a well curated art gallery,  several private galleries,  lots of thrifts stores ( another post!!),  a lively music scene, a great cinema showing all the latest releases,  'live at the Met' and an interesting mix of art films. There is a French film festival starting  in March.

I will pass on some of the antique stores..... my favorite is Vintage on Vanguard Street, with a certain personal touch. Always well displayed, resonable and very friendly.

I'm also happy to frequent a terrific butcher, a super Swedish bakery , and Guytons, the best fish shop in the world. 

Hurrah   ....here for 6 weeks!

18 February 2014


Beautiful, original pareos are displayed everywhere in Rarotonga,

at the market, on the streets and by the side of the roads.

  Printed, tie dyed or painted,

every color imaginable and very reasonable.

I was so spoiled for choice I needed the above help.

Want to know how to tie one? see here.

Finally I chose a primitive print,

rather like a finger painting in tomato ketchup on a kraft box.

14 February 2014

Eat Local

Its not just Canada thats big on "Eat Local". The Cook Islands promote their own produce and cooking too!

Why buy goods that arrived in a container from heaven knows where, when on Thursday evenings you can sit in the park , listen to the local enthusiastic ukulele  band

and eat  rice with spiced eggplant, 5 pieces of grilled very fresh mahi mahi topped with a light curry sauce.

The portion was enormous and would have fed the local rugby teamthere to raise funds,

and their coach.

09 February 2014


The morning starts with this.

Then into the garden.......mangoes not quite ready,

 But the sour sops ( or are they bread fruit)

and the passion fruit most certainly are ripe

and ready for breakfast.

We are staying in a little house in a rural hamlet. You would think it would be very quiet.....but NO. The dogs across the area bark and war with each other morning, noon and night,

 the wild cocks and chickens are constantly caterwauling, squawking, cocking and crowing, so loud you would think they have sour throats, and the surf crashes incessantly.


Just want you to feel sorry for me.

05 February 2014

Thrifting in the South Seas

Imagine my surprise and delight to find a thrift store ( op shop, charity shop) on Raratonga.

The S.P.C.A. has a small beach hut shop on the shore. This photo was taken just after a tropical downpour, usually there are several tables outside.
No vintage knitting patterns or wool to be had.....not surprising on a tropical island in the middle of the Pacific.....so I made do with a 70s-80s summery bangle ( 50 cents) and a well made choker of polished stones with the sort of clasp I like ( $2).

Now I intend to link this post  to an 'op shop show off'  site hosted by Max in Christchurch, NZ  if I can,

and would also like to draw you attention to a post written recently  by my bog buddy Lynn in France.

02 February 2014

getting around

Its easy getting around in Raratonga.. You can go 


No need to bother with lefts and rights, you are either


Sign at the end of our road.......so reassuring.

Wish you were here!

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