28 November 2013

My blanket label collection

   This little guy  I met on the street

reminded me I have not undated my vintage blanket label collection.

Just  photographs of the labels...if I kept all the blankets I would have no where to actually sleep.

Unless I slept on top of them like The Princess and the Pea.

Not sure where the above blanket comes from. Research is needed, that 'V' looks familiar. 

I think all the old Eatons of Canada stores have gone now.

Whoops.....edit. Forgot  this one.

22 November 2013

Hermes alert.....

Hermes alert!!.....Given to me by my neighbor to add to my collection.

She bought it in Paris in the late 70s.
I must say it is the most gorgeous, flattering colours, I love the coral pink border.

Also found this week a Liberty silk scarf for my collection. I call this pattern 'redcurrant' and I have it in at least 4 other colourways.

Alas, it is in dire condition,even I would not wear it. 

19 November 2013

walking to the Post Office

The local Post Office is a 10 minute walk away. I go several times a week  and yesterday I took my camera.

 First up, the flower pots on out front steps. This year a fancy arrangement chosen by my sister, I usually just pick up some chrysanthemums from my local supermarket of choice.

  A brand new playground at the top of the road, all natural colors unlike the primary colours of the early 80s equipment that it replaced.

Like most bloggers I stop to admire the fall leaves.....

 but not the changing landscape. Toronto's population is growing by 100,000 a year and the high rise/ condominium boom shows no sign of abating.

Unlike our neighbors to the south, Canadians are not supplied with free postal boxes.

I took a different route  home and found this on the library wall.... no one in the library seemed to know anything about it so it came home with me.

14 November 2013

Brickworks Farmers Matket

I was bemoaning the fact that my Saturday morning market day was finished for the year.

 The farmers have moved inside for the winter and space is limited.

But all is not lost....

Yesterday I was notified that there is a small space available in the BMO Atrium this Saturday morning

and I am going to give it a shot.  Certainly I will not have the sort of space I have enjoyed in the summer,

but it will give me the chance to re-connect with some of my customers.....seen here modelling their purchases.

It is the social interaction I miss.

09 November 2013

Quince Jelly

I thought that 2013 was going to be the first time in several decades that I have not put up some kind of jam or preserves. I have  just been run off my feet this summer.

But, my good friend Sandy stole a few quinces from a neighbours bush for me, they have been sitting in the fridge for a few weeks. My canning supplies live at the cottage up north.

I was able to find  a few jars,  labels bought some years ago in Mapua and lid toppers from a boot fair in Wakefield NZ. tucked away in a back cupboard at home.

Quince goes a long way as it is full of pectin. I must say the jelly turned out well....if a bit hard!

But the labels have a life or death of their own.

06 November 2013

last market day

The last outdoor day of 2013 at the Brickworks Farmers Market.

The food merchants are moving to their indoor space for the winter.

I like selling outdoors in the colder weather, it suits my stock.

Here is one of the day's  musician warming up behind me and

Ed, from Evelyns Crackers whipping up my breakfast. Ed and Dawn also produce the best crackers in the world IMHO.

The farmers dig into their annual harvest pot luck lunch, very good it is too.

See you next year.....

01 November 2013

It seems you are nobody

It seems you are nobody in our neighbourhood unless you get your Halloween decorations out the day after Thanksgiving.

Tuesday 15th October

Day after Thanksgiving

We make do with a couple of pumpkins, they seem to do the trick.

The night turned windy, rainy and chilly ( typical Halloween) .  Faeries and turtles were somewhat bedraggled 

My vote for best costume this year was this duo done up  as a Kit Kat bar....they made it themselves but had a hard time manoeuvring up and down the steps in sync.

By 8.15 pm we had run out of treats so we blew out the candles and watched TV.....there were still quite a few 15??  year olds out and about.

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