30 June 2015

On the Line everywhere

On the fence at our summer cabin where I always have a quilt to mend.

 This 1930s "fans' is extremely worn at both ends and some spokes are worn away,  So one end will have the fans removed ( for later patching) cut down a row and the whole thing rebound from the back. The back is a pretty pastel Alamance cloth. I have made a start

 On the line at home, a funky 40s -50s tied juvenile quilt....getting a good airing.

On the grass in the garden, a bold Irish Chain, c 1900. I am attempting to fade the stains, but the raccoons thought it was ideal for hop-scotch.

Over the railing at the market, one of my favorites this season, a 1920s - 30s applique Scottie Dog, I cant think why it has not sold yet

 On the line for assessment, a primitive, tied, printed feedsack quilt. Fair condition, with tears to one sack and a frayed edge, Mend able? yes. But in the end I unpicked it as I have more chance of selling the sacks individually ....

Another 1930s  'Fans' being assessed , It is in really good shape, I love the pale chartreuse bases. It will be at the market with me next weekend.

26 June 2015


A promise is a promise. I said I would not shamelessly promote my vintage scarf shop until 800 sales had been reached.

I am pleased to say that goal has been obtained. ( whew)

Some one of my readers ( you know who you are) has suggested I give a direct link from the photograph to the sale item. In truth, this techno dinosaur does not know how to do that.

Now.....no more promos till the magic number of 888.......it seems doable, perhaps even this year.

16 June 2015

In your face

Some unusual attributes in this Liberty scarf I picked up last week for my collection.

1970s  'art nouveau' type face , hand rolled pale grey narrow hem, silk charmuese, made in Italy, printed with an adaption of  Arthur Silver's Hera design,

Wonderful 'me' colour, great quality, perfect condition. So what is it that is holding me back on adoring this scarf?
I think it is because it has everything but the kitchen sink and its a bit too clever.
Just too ' in your face'
It says " look at me, I am expensive"
Come to think of it, why muck with a perfectly wonderful design

The more I write the more I am coming to actively dislike this ....

I still prefer these.

STOP PRESS. I wonder if it IS a Liberty scarf?
***** Looking at  some of the latest Liberty scarves for sale, I note that the 'art nouveau' type face is being used once more. And, just look at the price!!!   To think I have 800 +++   ( rubs hands gleefully)

11 June 2015


Finally,my etsy shop for vintage clothes, Boutiquefantastique,  has reached 300 sales.


Its a very crowded market and I know I should work harder at this shop.

Think I have said that before.

06 June 2015

No Hermes.....but

A quick  ( well, all morning) whiz round the thrift shops last week yielded 

4 Dior scarves.....soon to be listed in my etsy shop.
(edit.....a couple are not quite up to scratch, so will have to go in the next bunch of 100 crafting scarves,)

A few other French designer scarves,

A wonderful Oliver Messel coronation souvenir. Actually I have one already but this is in better condition.

The most amazing unfinished scarf panel from 1953....not sure how I will market this. 
The only thing I could find with this image was a cushion cover....at $485, so I wonder if it was ever in production as a scarf.

AND, a pile of 32 NOS ( new old stock)  vintage Canadian souvenir scarves.

I have never found a lot of NOS before, except for the ties from my friend Warrens dad, so I am not too sure how to market these either.....one at a time or as a lot?.

01 June 2015

Antique Quilt Tops

A tub of antique  quilt tops was unearthed from my garage   mini warehouse last week. Its been a couple of years since I saw these beauties.

Applique, tulips and Hawaiian from the 1930s.

More 1930s..... note the patriotic fabric commemorating a royal tour/ Perhaps 1939 , though that was only to Canada,  maybe 1953,    or possibly one taken by The Prince of Wales, later Duke of Windsor.

Some charming 19th century tops, all with interesting cottons,

Three graphic red and white tops, circa 1900

and a splendid charm quilt, packed with masses of 19th century fabrics. 
Interestingly, my heroine, Barbara Brackman, featured an old charm quilt on her blog today....could it be that this one is from the same time period?

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