29 December 2016

missed it

I missed crowing about my 1111st sale at my etsy shop

Christmas took over.

and now I am at 1114 sales.

Promise that I will not blow my own horn again till

1234 ( a magical number dont you think? ) sales are reached ,

That may take quite a while.

I wish I knew how to have these scarves clickable !!


21 December 2016

from my house to yours

Somehow I have lost my blogging mojo of late, but I want to take the opportunity 

of wishing you all a safe, warm and happy holiday season.

14 December 2016

Do you think this counts?

Do you think 1234 sales counts as a 'magic number' ?


Beleive  I also mentioned 1111 sales, but that was last year and a girl has to motivate herself any way she can.


Fabriquefantastique was my original etsy shop, but these days its a bit of a slog, although I do have some smashing items for sale.


I will re-think my online selling when I come back from New Zealand next spring. 

Forgive the shameless self promotion.

06 December 2016

Why wait?

I had intended to post when I reached 1111 sales, but what the hell, I may as well boast now.

1100 sales
have been reached and I am delighted.

1111 may take a little while. Perhaps  I will start thinking about Christmas now.

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