30 October 2014

Hermes alert

The first Hermes scarf to come my way since January, it seemed longer.

'Le Bois de Boulogne' in a blue and yellow colorway. Not in very good condition with stains and two holes. I don't even like it very much.

But Hey! its an Hermes ! and it will join my collection
. Better than a poke in  the eye with a pointy stick.

25 October 2014

Scarf for October

What an unusual silk scarf.

  Moody and somewhat depressing.  Signed Maggy Rouff. from the 50s I think.

Printed with a rather grim harbour scene, I can't make out the artists signature, wish I knew.
Dramatic, it would be super framed.

Listed in my shop on etsy.       I can't keep everything!

21 October 2014


It's autumn at the Brickworks Farmers Market.

 My stand is down by the quarry, so I get this lovely view.

My fall stock is out, Tartan wool blankets,

vintage wool scarves,

and toasty old wool work shirts.

I dress warmly. Silk long johns and undershirt, cashmere sweater and sometimes I will model a vintage fur coat that is  for sale. As I am 5 feet and no longer 98 lbs I don't think I encourage the punters to buy.

I like selling outside in the winter, it suits my stock.

12 October 2014

Families For Children

A week or so ago a lovely lady approached me at my Saturday morning market and asked me whether I wanted some vintage baby clothes, Well, what do you think I answered?
The following week she lugged in a huge sack full of textiles, so heavy she could barely carry it. 

It included some late 19th century dresses and a shawl belonging to her grandfather when he was an infant in Britain.
Sweet knitting from the 20s - 40s from her aunts in rural Manitoba,

dresses and hats from the 50s- 60s from Toronto and much more.

 Tons of fabulous tablecloths,stacks of 1940s doilies and lots of other surprises.

 I am always amazed at the kindness of strangers. What a truly good person.

Susan Dutton spends two weeks,  twice a year , volunteering at an orphanage in India.  Please take a moment and peek at their web page here and consider a donation, I know I will.

06 October 2014

Four and twenty

A surprise buy at a thrift store out of town.

24 vintage gentleman's wool ties, shoved  in a plastic bag, for little more than 2 regular ties.

They all have terrific, interesting labels and obviously came from the same gentleman. 
Of the two dozen items only 2 had minor damage.
I think they will look good in a basket at my market stall this time of year,  then they will go in my etsy shop.

                                                    I shall call them my Barrie ties.

01 October 2014

My first and only

The only polyester quilt I have ever bought.

I could not resist the folk art quality, specially the " lights" in the school house. The green patterned 'grass' is neat too.

This was its first outing to The Brickworks farmers market, where I sell on Saturday mornings.
It did not sit on the railing for long.......so I am glad I took a photograph.
School House is one of my favorite blocks, along with Ocean Waves,

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