25 October 2014

Scarf for October

What an unusual silk scarf.

  Moody and somewhat depressing.  Signed Maggy Rouff. from the 50s I think.

Printed with a rather grim harbour scene, I can't make out the artists signature, wish I knew.
Dramatic, it would be super framed.

Listed in my shop on etsy.       I can't keep everything!


  1. I rather like this, despite your description of 'grim' and 'depressing'. I'd actually spotted it in your shop before and thought it was cool. What does that say about me?

  2. I like it too...unusual, very post war.

  3. I quite like this too, great mark making and my kind of colours.

  4. If you 'google' maggy rouff you will see she was a french designer who died in 1973. There is quite a lot of info about her. (Assuming I have got the right person!). Hope this helps. Ann x

  5. Thanks Ann, I know about Maggy Rouff, its the name of the artist I cannot decipher.


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