06 October 2014

Four and twenty

A surprise buy at a thrift store out of town.

24 vintage gentleman's wool ties, shoved  in a plastic bag, for little more than 2 regular ties.

They all have terrific, interesting labels and obviously came from the same gentleman. 
Of the two dozen items only 2 had minor damage.
I think they will look good in a basket at my market stall this time of year,  then they will go in my etsy shop.

                                                    I shall call them my Barrie ties.


  1. Very country gentleman. When do you think they're from - the 50s?

    1. 50s -80s by the look of things. These classic ties do not seem to change much.

  2. These are not only wearable, but would be a treasure trove for a lot of people who work with wool in their art. You'll have no trouble selling them!


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