28 October 2016

Grandparents day

We were so excited last week as  our grandsons school was having Grandparents Day.

Like any other downtown Toronto school it was a veritable United Nations. The children said  " Good morning and welcome" in 8 different languages

The place was jammed! But then, most kids have 4 grandparents.

There was a concert - the junior choir sang ' Blue Skies' in a complex and sophisticated arrangement.

We stuffed ourselves at the desert table and the kids showed us their classrooms.

Guess which one is ours.

23 October 2016

scarf alert!

Not a bad couple of weeks of thrift shop trolling.

Two traditional Liberty paisley scarves. Somewhat stronger colors than I prefer but I not saying no to a couple of bucks each. More for my collection.

 Two Hermes scarves, classic  ' Casques Plumets' in perfect condition.

and ' Les Artificiers' very gently worn. I can see I will get a lot of wear from this one.

Of course, lots more interesting scarves making their way into foulardfantastique.

19 October 2016

plus and equal

Cloudy skies,

plus a grey lake and falling temperatures


a blazing fire

and time to close up our summer cabin for another year,

13 October 2016

Gu Chi or not Gucci?

that is the question.

Is this a real Gucci scarf or not? Tag reads ' made in Italy'. Quite a light  weight silk, but that is OK. Nice, generous size, approx 65 cm  x  174 cm.
But, there is no imprint and the hem is badly and  cheaply machined, not good at all.

 Now, we all know that these days a classy label has nothing to do with quality,
Take the Michael Kors hand bag I bought at full price at Canada's fanciest department store last May.
My granddaughter asked " is that a real Michael Kors, Nana?"

Falling apart already, what a piece of c...p!

Just not sure about the scarf.

06 October 2016

Gooseberry Jam

Gooseberries from our garden are frozen till I have time to make jam, as in last week.

Besides, the are much easier to top and tail-when frozen. 

 Skimming off the nasty scum.

  Finished product!

 So satisfying.

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