25 April 2017

Oh No!

My favorite UK clothing company.

 I have been a loyal customer since the 1960s - I wore a pink and white check wool suit to my engagement dinner.
The first present I bought my husband came from the Regent Street store.

The items were well made and last a lifetime, but I guess folks dont want that now.

20 April 2017

Market days

I do love a local market,  here are some images from a recent trip.

 Saturday morning in Rarotoga.....there are always dance demonstrations from the local  schools,but I need to figure out the video on my camera!

 Large general market in Nelson, New Zealand,

Also Saturday morning in Whangarie,

where the local Suzuki students were entertaining with a bit of Mozart.at 8 am.

Whangarie is also stating a mid week market, just a few stalls  for now, but lots of potential.

Evergreen Brickworks summer outdoor market stating soon,I have my work cut out for me if I am to be ready.

17 April 2017

modern sculpture

Warning....mainly photographs.

Earlier this year I had to stay in Los Angeles for a few days.

I was fascinated by the variety of hydrants (?) that I walked by on my way to the supermarket.

 Perhaps these will help me get my blogging mojo back.

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