28 December 2017

Breakfast in Ramsgate

Last week my sister and I drove to Ramsgate  for breakfast.

Alert....lots of pics.

Its still very salty and we strolled, or in my case hobbled, along the cliff tops and harbor front.

Take a moment to follow some of these links on the history of the Smack Boys homes.
The Smack Boys were very young boys, some as young as 10, many from the workhouse in Minster, who worked on the fishing smacks. This was in the days when Ramsgate had a large fishing fleet.


The adjoining church is still open and put to good use daily.


On to breakfast at a seaman's cafe under the cliffs.

Friday happens to be market day

Rooks, the butcher ( shades of my childhood) is still going strong, although its going a bit upmarket these days.

Its not often you see the word  'haberdashery' still displayed, most folks dont know what it means.

East Kent......see you soon!.

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