31 July 2010

My pantry

By way of a change, I though you my like to see my pantry...lol
yesterday my largest plate got broken and I had to rehang one wall. In the process the second largest plate smashed ( a gift from my sister...she won't be pleased)
well...its not the first accident I've had and it sort of gives me permission to buy a couple more (at the right price, of course)
I love china almost as much as textiles ,with old cutlery running third.
Don't even ask whats in the other cupboards.
one day I may even show the plates in the living room/hall/guest room etc.

Whats with the treasuries on etsy these days. I've had the same scarf featured in three different treasuries in 3 days. A very nice scarf but not a fantastic scarf...not even a great photo. (I'll never sell it with that kind of remark!) The latest ...coral luscious crush....is very pretty.

29 July 2010

Thursday Hermes

Its Thursday, so it must be Hermes day. Two summery designs, but, strangely enough I have never worn either of them.

A 19th century quilt (not perfect) that I have just listed on etsy. Nice antique cottons.

28 July 2010

overshot and TAFA

A couple of photos of my 19th century overshot woven blankets. I would like to keep an image as I am sure they will be sold by the end of the summer....lots of interest at the markets. These are all I have left at the moment.

I am delighted that I have been invited to join TAFA The Textile and Fiber Art list, a relatively new site devoted to textile arts. I feel almost awed to be in such fine company.

27 July 2010

Max picks up his quilt

I'm in another really pretty treasury 'Feminine'........this is the 5th long pussy cat bow scarf I have had featured in the last week...must be something in the air.

Max (my godson's child) comes by to pick up his quilt today.

26 July 2010

what the girls are wearing

What the girls are wearing. My granddaughter and her friend, both 15, dressed to kill, note they got into my stash vintage in the last pic. These are conservative pics, wished I had snapped them yesterday when they looked like a cross between Cirque de Soleil and Halloween . I think they look great and always love to see young people expressing their originality.

I have found the most fabulous blog.....The textile blog from John hopper. I do recommend it to you all.

Still on my self imposed hiatus from buying, I'm starting to have withdrawal symptoms. A nice antique primitive cutter quilt up in my etsy shop. 19th century 'turkey tracks'.

24 July 2010

lost treasuries and fabric

I haven't shown vintage fabric for a while ,was going to do Fabric Fridays but it kind of got away from me. These juvenile pieces are for sale in my etsy shop

Etsy has launched a treasury search that I have just found on craftopolis. To my amazement I found that I have had many more items in treasuries than I knew about!! Some of the items i.e, those that did not sell!

The scarves have both been in two treasuries. Particularly nice ones are 'Solstice' ( complex and intelligent) and ' Fudge Ripple' (incorporated both color and movement). Both deserved to be on the FP

22 July 2010

Sally Ann, treasuries and Hermes

I'm delighted to have been featured in a couple of pretty treasuries ( We're all going on a summer holiday )yesterday....and this one (innocence)

Its Thursday, so it must be Hermes day...a couple from my collection...must be at over 50 by now.

Inspired by a blog I read today , Judy's Fabrications, I will recount this little story.
I was in the SA on a Saturday morning and found a 19th century overshot blanket for $3.99. Needless to say I was delighted. The place was packed! In front of me in the lineup were a mum with her early teen daughter, mum buying work skirt and jacket, daughter Gap shorts and T's. They did not have quite enough cash and mum took a skirt back. I danced out with my SA bag hoping to meet someone I knew so I could boast and show what a fine eye I had etc, etc. Outside mum and daughter removed their purchases from the SA bag and put them in a shopper from the local department store.
I'm not sure what point exactly I'm trying to make but that little scene has remained with me for quite a few years.

19 July 2010

she's here! and bows

She's here...coming to visit for the summer. Note her very own carry on case. No prizes for guessing who she is.
Usually Monday is thrift day, but this is better.

an image I've had around since Christmas...my son gave me this lovely dusty, deep mauve cast iron tea pot and I love the way it looks on the aubergine kitchen tiles.

I'm always a sucker for printed bows and ribbons......some items from my etsy shop.

and some beauties from other etsy shops... top to bottom

17 July 2010

very hot Brickworks market and a quilt

Saturday morning at the Evergreen Brickworks Farmers Market. It was very, very, hot! But all the vendors were on great form and it was well attended. Just as I had got used to the scaffolding it was taken down...but necessity is the mother of invention, so I used the X bars behind me for display. I had quite a good day. Breakfast again delivered by Chezvous, today they served a poached egg atop lightly cooked fresh shelled peas, tiny green beans, spring onions and chorizo...summer in a mouthful.

have you ever seen such wonderful sweet potatoes?

and look at one of our local cheeses

delighted to have my antique 'tree of life' quilt featured this week in this pretty treasury. called 'take me to the water'.

16 July 2010

The day after Thursday so it must be Hermes, plus the cottage

back from the cottage, instead of showing you yet another mended quilt blowing on the line. I'm showing my wall of vintage Pendleton shirts. ...greatly augmented by the 4 I bought a couple of weeks ago. I have over twenty now.

at least, I made a small amount of red currant jelly. Top one looks a bit leaky, but I'm sure its OK...love the color. The most satisfied sound in the world is the Bernadin lids 'popping' I do all my jamming and preserving in the country as that is where I am most relaxed...plus the equipment lives there.

The day after Thursday, that is meant to be Hermes day!!....so, two more. Actually Hermes are not always my favorite scarves...I just love the thrill of the hunt. now at about 50. The ones I currently love are the very vintage English paisley with two selvedge edges
Shall I start showing my interesting Jacqmar scarves..?.lots from the 50s. No point in having Liberty scarf day...that would never end!

14 July 2010

another little number

Another little number hits the road,from my favorite 30s Beehive pattern. I tried a new (for me) bind off with a tapestry needle, not entirely satisfactory, but I'll give it another shot.Yarn from Sandwich, see this blog, buttons found in a vintage work basket I bought some years ago. It was packed with old buttons, threads etc from pre-war Germany.
A short post today as I am at the cabin...hot as Hades inside and out, and dial up slower than molasses.

12 July 2010

an award and more treasuries

Usually Monday is thrifting day, but I am resolved not to go for a month...so here is the next best thing. Something I had entirely forgotten about, a pretty vintage chenille bed jacket at the bottom of a cupboard, tossed in the wash and as good as ever

I was thrilled that Karen of petitpoullailer nominated my blog for the 'sunshine blogger award'....not quite sure what this is, but its still nice. (perhaps I have to nominate someone else and I have a few ideas) thanks Karen

Two more scarves in treasuries today, which cheers me up no end.

this one from 'granny-bourne'

and this one from honey and the moon .....both treasuries so pretty and unusual

both scarves in my etsy shop
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