29 April 2010

vintage knitting

My other hobby is knitting. I love found vintage yarn and old patterns. These little items were knitted in 3 ply 1960s wool found in a charity shop in Pocklington, Yorkshire. Canadian Beehive pattern from the 40s, vintage buttons bought in New Zealand. I wish I had photographed all the sweaters I have knitted from this pattern (must be about 20)

28 April 2010

liberty of london scarves

the start of my liberty scarf collection, the pink is an earlier one. I must have almost 600, haven't counted lately.

27 April 2010

todays pick

Out at the thrift shops today
A wool afghan, I do not usually buy them but I love this one.
30s grandmothers garden already airing on the line.
Pretty barkcloth panel, alas, only one.

26 April 2010


Here is a depression era quilt that i have had for some time. It is tied, quite heavy, has a lovely printed back and is packed with lovely 30s prints. A few of the patches need replacing....shall I mend it? or shall I cut it up for fabric? its taking up a lot of room and tied quilts are not big sellers.

24 April 2010

todays garage sale

just about the only item I bought, a cotton chenille spread; washed and up on etsy already! What is it about orange this week (see drapes I bought last Tuesday)

23 April 2010

my hermes

Part of my collection of Hermes scarves, that I have collected over the years, never paid more than a couple of bucks each (actually, I lie,I paid 7 pounds sterling, once in the Cotswolds). Many of them are not in the best of shape, but that doesn't bother me. Some are perfect.

22 April 2010

thursday quilts

A 19th century, fine 'Jacobs Ladder'. I love the glowing, deep colours and the red striped back.

21 April 2010

my shawls

Today is my birthday, I am going to a lecture this evening on Russian shawls, so I am showing my minor collection of antique paisley shawls, all rather beaten up, but I love them.

20 April 2010

todays picks

Here are two of the quilts I bought yesterday, washed up well

What have I done? bought 2 piles of bright burnt orange vintage drapes (6 panels in the top lot, 8 panels on the botton lot) 1940s 50s Hope I can sell them, they are quite dramatic

19 April 2010

St Lawrence market

Yesterday, at St Lawrence market, I bought more quilts than I sold.
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