24 February 2013

Saturday morning

Saturday is market day in Nelson.

The Top of the South....

Food and crafts.

 Local hand woven baskets....

hand dyed wool .....

in case you didn't get the picture, this is New Zealand....

Always a riot of texture,pattern and colour.

My kind of Saturday morning.

20 February 2013

The Importance of Being Ernest

It was the coldest night of the week when we showed up for the outdoor theater held in the grounds of  Fairfield House......its a natural amphi-theater, as well as a beautiful garden.

The whole town turns out for this, mums and dads, kids, teens and grannies...its wonderful to see.

It seems you are nobody unless you come prepared with a huge picnic. (though there are 'refreshments' on hand)

 We are slowly learning Kiwi ways, at least we bought our own camping chairs.

The Importance of Being Ernest was this years choice.

 Performed by a local troop Body in Space.

Let me tell you,  this group is terrific.....professional,energetic, very funny and lively. 
Despite the weather we had a great time!!

15 February 2013

opping in NZ

With strict luggage weight restrictions I am very limited as to what I can buy in New Zealand's thriving op-shops.  A shame as they are very tempting.

 So, I limit myself to old  sewing and  knitting patterns as they are easy to pack.

 A few knitting tools. Particularly interesting is the hand crafted wooden needle case ( at least, thats what I think it is)  marked 'bungleam   14'.  A steal at 10 cents.

 The odd skein or ball  of wool, some I have already made into ascots or neck scarves. I made up the pattern and know it by heart, some  refinements needed.
 I thought that the 4ply wool crepe would make a sweater for Oliver, now 2 years old , but on closer inspection each ball is a slightly different tone. Ah well, I'm sure they will be used somehow.

 Best buy was a 40s patchwork knitting bag, not only do I love it but it was free!! as there is some damage. I
Although they are not vintage I am also picking up bamboo or wooden needles because apparently  I can now take them through security at the airport.

As usual, a few interesting scarves, some already for sale in one of  my etsy shops.

ps, I'm trying to link this to a charming blog that links peoples op-shop finds 'Blackbird has spoken' but, as usual, this techno dinosaur is making a mess of it.

13 February 2013

The Hacket Track

A walk on the beautiful Hacket Track

                                   in the Anniseed valley of Tasman district, here in New Zealand.

 A very nicely kept, fairly easy walk to Whispering Falls.

  The most challenging part was the swinging  bridge, crossing is never one of my favorite activities.

Fabulous weather for walking through native and logging forests.

 But,  the best part was that it was my first 'hike' with two new hips!!!  Must say I am somewhat proud of myself.

09 February 2013

last instalment

The 'P' part of the Golden Bay A & P drew plenty of admirers. 

I particularly lusted after the pickled onions.

 Giant marrows and pumpkins, cakes and jams, and all manner of flowers were on show with much discussion going on about the winner's merits (or lack of)

 Needlework was delightful. I am not sure if the categories stated that a vintage pattern should be used or if it was choice.

Certainly my interest in tea cosies has been revived and I am determined to knit some up when I get home....great stash busters!

Mmmmm, can't wait to get my needles out.

The Golden Bay Quilters displayed in their own hut. We were made most welcome, lots to see and chat about , raffles and draws. I was so busy spending my money I didn't get the camera out.

06 February 2013

Part 2.......Takaka A&P

  The Takaka A&P is primarily an agricultural show.

 But there is something for everybody.

  I was very taken with Go Willow, who make beautiful baskets, including coffins. I want one.

 These dads were fundraising for the Takaka Playgroup , the sausages smelt wonderful.

Particularly appealing was the parade of vintage tractors.

Oliver, my 2 year old grandson is tractor crazy so I took masses of photos ( not all shown here you will be pleased to know)

They say people look like their dogs, I think the driver/owners have an affinity with their tractors .

  I do love an A&P so another post is to come.....just to wet your appetite it will feature  pickles and veg.

03 February 2013

Over the hills to Takaka

Over the hills we went to Takaka for their annual  A &P.

I do love a country show.

Seems that miniature horses are becoming increasingly popular and there were several categories.

  I'm intrigued by the Kiwi style of show dress, which is a cross between the wild west and Ascot....seems to work well.

This goat owner was at odds with the judges.

  Two young sisters competing together, as well as a father and son.

 All kinds of cattle and

the  competitors seem to have special relationships with their animals.

The weather was perfect in the Golden Bay that day.

The entire community turns out.  

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