03 February 2013

Over the hills to Takaka

Over the hills we went to Takaka for their annual  A &P.

I do love a country show.

Seems that miniature horses are becoming increasingly popular and there were several categories.

  I'm intrigued by the Kiwi style of show dress, which is a cross between the wild west and Ascot....seems to work well.

This goat owner was at odds with the judges.

  Two young sisters competing together, as well as a father and son.

 All kinds of cattle and

the  competitors seem to have special relationships with their animals.

The weather was perfect in the Golden Bay that day.

The entire community turns out.  


  1. Ohhh this is my kind of day. Thanks so much for sharing the great photos.

  2. What a fun day out - it reminds me of the Cairns Show. Take care.


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