26 January 2011

off for a week or so

I'm running late as I have a ton of little things to do before I have surgery tomorrow. Yes, folks, I'm getting a brand new titanium hip!
So I most likely will not be blogging for a few days or so.

etsy news.

I belong to an etsy team, etsyexpats. A chatty, fun bunch from all over the world who are having a treasury challenge this week. The theme is 'memories' . Its interesting to see how different (or similar) they are. Many feature my textiles, Click here to see the treasuries.....what is your favorite? I know what mine is.

other non challenge Ts this week are

bolly jolly dolly wood, bright and vivid, used this vintage sari. Put together by French Fabrics. Lots of home made goodies in her shop.

Horses, horses, horses, amazing selection that included an interesting trapunto panel, curated by Junquet, from Calgary...I spy the cutest cowboy boot earrings in her shop.

Keep calm and carry on....features this 60s fabric from my etsy shop. Anacdesigns makes the most elegant jewelry, and very reasonable too!

Monique tells me this 70s wedding dress was her inspiration for Something old, something new.
She works with fused glass and is always coming up with something new and luscious.
All these people work hard at promoting my and other etsy shops in a fun way...lets give them a hand.

See you in a week or so......

25 January 2011


Two samples of beautiful embroidery on silk. Victorian or Edwardian, I believe they were usually made as gifts or tokens. Handkerchief size ,the first is a little larger, unfortunately the color has bled a bit. Just look at that scalloped edge. Fine, dense work.

There are some super embroiderers in blogland still stitching. Linda in Australia, Karen in England, are amongst many, both are regular reads of mine that I look forward to and a blog I found today Shawkle.

Etsy news

I'm afraid I am very behind on promoting some imaginative treasuries that have featured some of my vintage scarves in my etsy shop.. Everyone seems to be looking towards warmer times.

First up, Destination: anywhere warm, actually, this is not the vintage scarf featured, because that souvenir scarf sold!! (to see it, look at the treasury) so I substituted this little number from Greece. Thank you SweetClothesOf Mine, please use my items again!

Where are you, curated by Jewelsbyjessie used my Florida souvenir.

everywednesday, who has a cute vintage clothing shop, put together Walking on Sunshine, using this 70s silk.

and Red,white,black,patterns and textures, an eye popping T, was put together by isewcute, a popular etsy shop that sells, amongst other things original embroidery patterns.

23 January 2011

here he is... and exhibitions

Here he is , coming over for his first dinner at Nana's house. I do not usually post very personal stuff, but I can't resist this.

Two exhibitions in Britain I wish I could see, I am so tempted to buy both catalogs

First Threads of Feeling, which I read about in the TextileHunter's blog....today Sally also posted this link http://www.threadsoffeeling.com/ a slide show to the exhibition that is so touching. Intensely interesting and heartbreaking at the same time.

and a recent exhibition in York, on Canadian WW11 Red Cross Quilts that were sent to Britain. I found this information on a super blog that I read, Welsh Quilts, written by Pippa Moss.

both these blogs are my regular read....everything I like. A topic that I am interested in and a sense of time and place.

etsy news

This London vintage souvenir scarf was featured in two smashing treasuries this week.

Memories of London, put together by Jen, a British artist who now lives in France. Do check out her lovely, original work.

and Looking back and smiling, a nostalgic treasury that Linda pulled together. Another expat with a great sense of humor .

21 January 2011

I'm overwhelmed

After listing my Hermes and Jacqmar scarves on Flickr I am resolved to sort and catalog my collection of Liberty scarves.

Quite honestly, I am over whelmed and do not know where to start. Here are about 1/2 of them.

the other 1/2 here. Shall I sort by color? pattern? favorites? Shall I wear a different one each day? I must have over 700 so that would take a couple of years. Help me!!!

etsy news

An antique, 19th century quilt of mine has been used recently in two treasuries. Both Ts have a nostalgic country feel.

Country mouse in a cozy house, was put together by Jennyleefowler, who has an original shop where she makes custom silhouette portraits and pictures, defiantly worth checking out.

and The Olde Homestead curated by dlf724 a terrific etsy shop that sells country primitive quilts and folk art dolls.
both shops are what etsy is all about IMHO.

19 January 2011

Shadow work

Some example of shadow work embroidery in my stash.

its important to show the front and back...love the little 'Vs' on the border of this organdy cloth (unfortunately rather stained with some color bleed).

this delicate hankie is a fine cotton lawn

you have to use a transparent or semi transparent fabric

does any one do this kind of fine work anymore? I know there are some fantastic embroiderers out there in blogland.

don't you love the sweet French knots...

Etsy news

Still trying to get the hang of this Craftcult widget. Its like buying a pig in a poke.

notice my pretty scarf, bottom right.

17 January 2011


Today, some images of vintage handkerchiefs. I specially love the initialed ones .

this is my favorite R embroidered on taupe silk

some souvenirs and commemorative hankies. Lots more categories, like lace edged, printed or round...I may show some more at a later date, but I photographed these and others today as I have just sold over 100 wholesale and won't get to see them again.

Etsy news

I'm feeling unsettled as I have again listed two treasuries using Craftcults widget. The problem, for me, is that the images are not visible to me until published. I do, however like the fact that you, dear reader, can click on any of the images.
A big thank you to my etsy expat friends for including my items, but I think I am going back to my old way. Tell me what you think.

15 January 2011

An apology

What a mess I made of things yesterday. I was trying to get the hang of Craftcults treasury widget and posted an empty blog 5 (yes five) times. Still don't think I have got it.
So I apologize for making a mess of your blog reader. You all know, by now, what a techno dinosaur I am.

So, today I am posting what I know best. 2 samples of 1930s-40s cotton fabric.

Etsy news will have to wait until tomorrow whilst I continue to struggle.

Well....what do you know!!! It appears to have worked...but it does not show up until the post is published.....very unnerving.
This pretty treasury was put together by Linda, of JustOneLook. She has the dubious honor of having curated the first entire Treasury to appear on my blog...well done Linda, because at this rate you will be also be the last

13 January 2011

The last (for now) of Jacqmar

The last of my Jacqmar scarf collection is now up on Flickr (until I acquire more!)

Fabulous, lush floral...quite old, I think, as it is a soft shell pink crepe like silk.

The first and last polyester I bought. Although I see many, one has to stop somewhere!
I wish I knew a little more about this most English of makes. Like, when did the logos change? Why were some printed in Italy and when? I intend to but any I see at the right price, and you all know how much that is.

When I add a blog to my reader list I look for a couple of things...what is the writer interested in, sewing? textiles?vintage?, and a sense of time and place. So it has been interesting to read my Australian bloggy buddies on how they are dealing with the floods. Like the variety of blogs they write, all deal with it in different ways.
From my blog reader...just a few

and a Canadian blog of interest.....the super MaryAnne

Etsy news

I'm delighted to have some items featured in Treasuries this week.
A little Help from my Friends, curated by Monique, an expat,she lives in Florida where she makes one of a kind, dramatic jewelry, her shop name UniqueNique says it all. She used this vintage scarf.

and, Love in the Afternoon, put together by Glenda of Wintergarden, who lives right here in Toronto and makes OOAK textile items. With a title like that you just have to click on this bright treasury

11 January 2011

Is this Alamance cloth?

A must read blog for me is Barbara Brackman's Material Culture. I've been a long time fan of her books and was delighted when I found her blog last year. Her posts are always informative, long enough to get your teeth into, but not so long you feel you are reading a thesis.

Last fall she wrote about Alamance, North Carolina and the history of a particular kind of woven cotton manufactured just after the civil war.

I went to my little warehouse (garage) and dug out these very old, sometimes bashed up quilts.

Although Alamance and other areas of the south seemed to specialize in checks, these fabrics seemed to fit the bill. I wonder??
Is this Alamance cloth?

09 January 2011


Great news today...my latest grandchild was born at 12.30 am. A baby boy, 7lbs 4oz. Mother and baby fine. I am thrilled to have a grandchild here in the city as the other 3 live abroad.

I was SURE it was going to be a girl, so sure I ironed this Debbie Bliss jacket and shoes last night when Amanda went to the hospital. Not an entirely satisfactory pattern. Each wee triangle is knitted separately and that makes for too many threads to be woven in on a tiny garment, 22 loose ends on the neck alone.

so Oliver will have to have this sweet vest. Another Debbie Bliss pattern with lovely detail. The cables travel onto the neck and armhole edges. Vintage 60s crepe wool from the hospice shop in Huddersfield, Yorkshire.

Please don't think it will be his only sweater, I have several waiting for him using my very favorite 1930s Beehive pattern. Knit from the top down, this one used a 1940s 3 ply grey wartime wool, again, picked up in Yorkshire. Vintage velvet buttons.

I shall offer to wash the sweaters myself (baby will not be too far away) using Eucalan, a terrific Canadian product that is great for woolens and vintage items alike. Garments do not have to be rinsed, often a soak is all that is required. (not paid for by Eucalan, though this would be nice)

Etsy news this weekend
One of my vintage scarves was featured in this cheerful treasury Your friendly etsy sellers, put together by Anacdesigns, who lives in London at the moment, she is part of Etsy Expats team, and makes elegant jewelry with flair.

07 January 2011


At last my anniversary (Sept 21st) present from R, ordered from Amazon ,has finally arrived. The Hermes Scarf...a large, glossy book, sumptuously printed.

I was happy to learn that this scarf (below) from my collection was one of the earliest. Jue des Omnibus et Dames Blanche, dates from 1937.
I would not call this the definitive book on Hermes. The text is overly flowery me me "How to put into words that elegance, that delightful languor" or 'It inspires infinite harmonies and a thousand tales, yet it seems disarmingly natural, too. It inspires endless contemplation and moulds itself voluptuously to each persons desires".....Well, I have about 50 Hermes scarves and it hasn't done that for me yet.
Some of the text pages are awkwardly laid out, with a photo smack bang in the middle that make it difficult to read.
However, I have gained some information, not enough though. I would like to see how and where these lovely scarves are printed, and have a full catalog of the over 2000 designs printed. I still have a million questions.

Must say there are a couple that really appeal to me and I would not mind picking up for the right price (and you know how much that is ) Both are designed by Jean-Louise Clerk
Les Boxes in 2006, and Paddock designed 50 years before in 1955.

Etsy news
Talking of scarves, here is a fascinating treasury we all need a beautiful scarf, that features one I have for sale. Barbara put this together, her shop RustisVogue has lots of fab vintage patterns amongst other things.

Two vintage saris popped up in these treasuries

Cozy by the Fire...put together by an expat buddy PeonyForest... this was her first treasury and she did a smashing job ,check out her darling shop.
and Ornate and Opulent items chosen by SarahZambiasiArt a talented and original artist.

Apropos was put together by LaManche, who lives in France, She has two shops so be sure to look at both.

04 January 2011

Sewing boxes

My sewing boxes kept next to the sofa..... The large open and the one in the foreground were both bought (thrifted) on the same day a couple of years ago, but from different shops. Both were fully loaded...packed with vintage notions. How lucky was that!.

The smaller box obviously came from a German household. In fact, I think all of the goods were from Germany.

lots of sturdy threads, some of which are waxed linen, just right for mending a uniform!!! darning wools and a folk art pincushion.

and tons of buttons, including these military ones (showing a very small portion) Some of the buttons end up here.

The big box was also stuffed....lots of binding, zips,elastics, loads of buttons, embroidery threads, cotton reels and lots more. Some vintage Canadian notions. No prizes for guessing what background this family came from.

Etsy news.
As I predicted I made a real mess of the Etsy Expats BNR yesterday. The treasury itself went very well, lots of sales, new sellers and buyers, exciting items.

But etsy seems to have forgiven me and some of my items for sale have been featured.

A very personal treasury from bpsbagsntotes, titled My Heart is on the Farm. BP makes super totes and is the sort of shop that etsy is all about. Actually this is not the exact quilt BP showed, but its near enough, another 30s Dresden Plate.

My expat friend artophile made another personal T, a list of items she would like for her birthday (today)...hope she gets some. My Birthday Wish List includes jewelry, glass bowls, a lovely hand turned wooden salad bowl, a vintage kilim cushion and my vintage scarf. Shirley makes super stained glass items.....all kinds of shapes, sizes and price range.

What a lovely surprise to be featured in Lacey Goodies from the 60s70s...my 60s wedding dress fit right in. This was put together by bilbobabilo.....from Bilbao,Spain. For European vintage fashion look no further.

I love peeking into other people's worlds in these collections.
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