22 June 2010

sweaters from a vintage pattern

As you know, I love found, vintage yarn and small projects. I was cleaning out a rather deep storage and found these little darlings...all the same knit from the top down 30s Beehive ( now I believe, owned by Patons) pattern. All vintage buttons. From top clockwise...
straw colored 70s cotton/linen mix from Germany.
taupe linen yarn bought from a charity shop in the Cotswolds, this was the second sweater and I had to add black cotton stripes.
same taupe linen, the lilac ric rac was my mothers, it was all I had in my knitting bag at the time, I was staying with a good friend in Monteverde, Costa Rica.
Lilac and blue pre war (30s 40s) 3 ply fine wool...I believe I bought the wool in Kent.
White wool...this was on the cone from a mill in Yorkshire and did not knit up very evenly, so I had to embroider over the uneven parts. The little toggle buttons were from a church rummage sale here, I bought a pint jar full.
With a balaclava from the same 30s Beehive pattern book. Vintage grey pure wool with velvet buttons.
I wish that I had photographed the other garments that I have made from this pattern. They all had a story to tell.

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