22 June 2017

update on scarves

Alas,no Liberty scarves for  my collection on my latest foray to the thrift stores to restock  my shop ( I had not been since March -- honest)

I bought an unusual Jacqmar scarf.
 Jacqmar always reminds me of my mother,see my avi here, I believe they were made in Rochester, near where I come from.

The price was right on this nice quality cruise line souvenir

but I dont care what the price is when it leaves a nasty glue mark like this!!

A somewhat bizarre take of of Jacqmar - made in Italy???

My favorite, a unisex old Macclesfield silk, 18" selvedge to selvedge. Love it and it is staying with me.

Also staying with me, at least for now,  a summery cotton Perry Ellis.

The first Marimekko I have ever thrifted destined for my etsy shop.

 Gorgeous lipstick  red also  destined for fabriquefantastique  --  I think.

And the requisite Hermes --Bride de Cour.

Lots more fabulous pieces, dare not tell you how muchI spent and how many I acquired for the shop.

14 June 2017

opening up

This is the latest we have opened up our summer island cabin.....ever.

Drowned, due to the rising lake levels and the enormous amount of rain.


Lots of work to be done.

But lots of signs of life too.

The sun still sets on one side of the island

as the full moon rises on the other side.

Its good to be back.

05 June 2017

Re visiting Liberty

Found lurking at the back of my closet, 

a zip lock bag of vintage Liberty of London scarves.

They have not seen the light of day for at least a decade.

I'm wearing this apricot one as we speak, an unusual colour for me.

 The pretty nile green with the old tag is my favorite.

1970s  perhaps with a hand rolled hem.

Think I will  visit some of my other bags and boxes soon.

30 May 2017

back in the saddle

Back In the saddle again for another year selling vintage textiles at The Brickworks Farmers Market.

I started when the market first opened 10 years ago.
 I saw an article in the Saturday morning paper, hopped in the car to check it out,   phoned the manager on the Monday, whizzed my check to her by Tuesday and set up the next weekend.

I've made a lot and friends and learnt a lot about food too!

The old industrial site allows me  to hang my goods all over.

More to come through the summer!!

15 May 2017

Oh Dear......

Oh dear.......this small cerulean warbler must have flown into a window this morning and is lying dead on my deck. Poor wee thing.
According to my bird book we last caught sight of one in the garden in 1991.

But life goes on and the first warm day saw my old lilac tree starting to bloom

and a newer ( about 7 years old ) 'Yellow Bird 'magnolia tree 

looking very healthy
Summer?    bring it on.

09 May 2017


I'm a sucker for old industrial sites, mills, factories all over the world but Belmont Estates in Grenada must be   the prettiest I have visited. It's a working plantation that dates to the 17the century.

Tools of the trade.

My grandson Oliver feeding the goats,  they make a great goat cheese here.

The nutmeg and mace is trundled out to dry in the sun.

Better explanations here,

On to The River Antoine rum distillery 

I though Oliver was going to fall into the vats.

Great machinery from Derby, beats me how they got it all the way to the Caribbean in  tiny sailing ship.

It was the end of the working day and the staff were enjoying a perk of the job.....about 95% proof I should think.!

I contented myself with a bottle of chocolate rum, should have photographed the colourful label but Im afraid its all gone now. ( see pics here  and here )

07 May 2017

Signs of the Times

A sign in the entrance to Fresh Choice supermarket in Nelson,New Zealand. A pity some North American supermarkets dont follow this example instead of displaying cheap sweets at kids eye level.

However, I did laugh at this sign on the roadside by The Deep Sea Sport Fishing Club !!!  ( my exclamation marks ) on Rarotonga.  The DSSFT has changed their hours.  It used to state ' Happy Hour All Day ' until a neighbouring bar advertised  'All Day Happy Hour' !

Not sure what a 'flash design' is, but I have missed it as the offer was for December only. Also on Rarotonga 

And dont forget my alltime favourite sign.

03 May 2017

Trying something new

Since sales are so dismal in my etsy shops

I thought I would try styling the photos a bit differently

I usually just use my mani and am now experimenting with  incorporating  some clothing and props .

Not sure if it will help, specially with all the changes that are going on.
Time will tell.

25 April 2017

Oh No!

My favorite UK clothing company.

 I have been a loyal customer since the 1960s - I wore a pink and white check wool suit to my engagement dinner.
The first present I bought my husband came from the Regent Street store.

The items were well made and last a lifetime, but I guess folks dont want that now.

20 April 2017

Market days

I do love a local market,  here are some images from a recent trip.

 Saturday morning in Rarotoga.....there are always dance demonstrations from the local  schools,but I need to figure out the video on my camera!

 Large general market in Nelson, New Zealand,

Also Saturday morning in Whangarie,

where the local Suzuki students were entertaining with a bit of Mozart.at 8 am.

Whangarie is also stating a mid week market, just a few stalls  for now, but lots of potential.

Evergreen Brickworks summer outdoor market stating soon,I have my work cut out for me if I am to be ready.

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