23 May 2016

Its about time.

It's about time we got to pick flowers  from the garden.

The first bouquet and the last are always my favorites.

 I think I say this every year.

20 May 2016

back to scarves

Some more Liberty scarves for my ever growing collection.

A charming soft floral from the 1950s.

1960s mod!

 and a nice. large Hera, from the 1970s....think I already have this.

I also picked up  a couple of Jacqmar, which are  scarcer than the Liberty scarves. I specially like the chestnut polkadot.

26 April 2016

Oh No!

My magnolia, now taller than the house

has just started to bloom - look at the date -

 when another cold spell descended. Sorry the picture is blurry but it was pouring with rain when I nipped out.

That it for another year I suppose.

Think I have seen this scenario befor.

22 April 2016

How 70s can you get?

or, Woodstock here I come!

Found these two beauties last week.

Home made, hand embroidered , all those polyester knits we know and love.

Now for sale in one of my Etsy shops.

31 March 2016

nice haul.....Liberty scarves

No Liberty scarves have joined my collection since last summer. I was having withdrawal symptoms and  determined to get a fix.

So, for the past 2 weeks I have trolled the thrift stores, I came up with seven!.

This is my favorite, cocoa brown with soft, feminine colours,

followed by the above with the pre-war label.

But this one is a bit of a puzzle, large with a hand rolled edge,  it has a somewhat tacky, glitzy tag with lurex yet!. I think it is the new direction Liberty is following/

Strange scarf here too, I have never seen a striped border before - and I have over 800 Liberty scarves. The border may have been larger and re-hemmed because it is badly hand rolled.

During the same outings some other vintage scarves made it into my basket, I dare not tell you how many. They are making their way into my etsy shop and will keep me busy for a few weeks.

All in all, not a bad haul.

28 March 2016

easter sunday!!!!

Easter Sunday 2016.

One of my Christmas Cactus, blooming for the third time, thinks it may be spring.
Unlike my garden with nary a green shoot.
No sign of spring here in Ontario.

21 March 2016

snappy chariot

Kiwis do so love a snappy chariot!

Usually I do not give a toss about cars,  just something to get me from A - B.

But here, in New Zealand,  the vehicles make me smile.
Whether it is on the highway,

parked on the main street,

in the market square,

or outside the town hall.

Now, I could link these photos to the car internet pages, but I don't know what sort of cars they are!

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