10 August 2014

A good day

A good day at the Brickworks Farmers Market yesterday.

The 1930s dahlia applique quilt sold in the first 30 minutes. First time out after being listed on etsy for over 3 years. Each flower is a different color, my theory is it was made from a kit....perhaps bought from a newspaper or needlework magazine. 

    1950s 9 patch ( left) went to a little boy who badgered his mum for it....I called him my little shop-o-holic.

My theory on the  feedsack Dresden Plate is that it was made for a county fair or competition. It had every thing! Piecing, applique, scalloped edge and  fantastic, lavish hand stitching. No batting, so she could show off the 9 spi  and it was square, all the better for hanging on a wall.
Made to impress, it sold later in the morning.

Usually vintage furs are hung at the back, for political reasons, but I was fed up with lugging them in and out.
Up front the jacket sold too.
Some 50s 60s beaded cardigans went  plus quite a  few bits and bobs from my " stuff for quilters" box.

But no estate linens sold.....
 Ahh well, you can't
 win them all.

06 August 2014

Scarf of the month.....August

Here is my August scarf,

chosen because.....
It is  a Jacqmar that reminds me of my mother. To me, it is the most English of scarves, this one looks very 1950s.
I have a nice collection.

I found it languishing at the back of the cabin cupboard, I must have worn it a few years ago and was delighted to get to know it again.

25 July 2014

on the line

Now that my fractured shoulder is on the mend I am able to chuck old  quilts over the line again.

At the market.....

 In the side drive......

 and at the cabin.

  Some are terrific, some not.

 Some are even sold already. ....as the above on its first time out.

 Its a good way to assess what needs to be done. Like the one above that will have to go as a 'cutter'.
Perhaps Tim Latimer could do something with it......my new favorite blog to read.

21 July 2014

Saturday market

My usual Saturday morning market at the old Brickworks site in Toronto

 I throw some quilts over the fence surrounding parts of ancient industrial engines.
Not that it helped sell the couple of "Tall Ships"  quilts  - circa 1900, left and 1960s right- or the vintage wool blankets  - a 50s Hudson Bay, a Horn Bros from Lindsay, Ontario, and a 1960s blue blanket from Blythe, Ont.
They will be out with me again next week.

I did, however, say goodbye to the depression era ' butterfly' quilt, made of colorful feed or sugar sacks and the 1930s 'grandmothers garden'  you see peeking out at the top.

A potential customer sizes up her favorites, you are never too young to start collecting.

A small suitcase of vintage baby items always appeals and a few things sold from here too.

18 July 2014

600 scarves

600 scarves have been sold from my etsy scarf shop.....Foulardfantastique!!

The last 100 have been more of a struggle as etsy does not seem to know whether it is coming or going.

Months of frustrating testing, algorithm changes, search engine malfunction,  invasion of cheap manufactured crap  ( which they can't decide if they want or not) etc.

But I plod on, as I really have no other good ideas for an on-line selling platform. I really do not like ebay.

The thrill of the hunt drives me forward.

11 July 2014

Scarf for July

Here is my pick for July from my personal collection.

  A Dior silk scarf with a 1950s vibe ( though I think it is more 80s ). The  pink and black colour scheme with the etched roses is very retro and the chair in the corner adds a touch of whimsy.

As I wear mostly black ...so much easier......it has had quite a few outings this year.

06 July 2014

good to be back

Its good to be back at the Brickworks Farmers Market, ( Saturdays 8 - 1 )

 I have my old spot, down by the quarry and was welcomed by old customers and vendors alike.

Mind you, I was exhausted by 10.30!!

Warren, my buddy from Boxit had a splendid new banner made for me.

Whilst he was about it he had one made for himself......handsome eh?

edit...get with the program Warren and get a website soon so I can link you.

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