27 February 2015

February scarf

There is no choice.

It is the only scarf I have found this February! I DO like it though, with its  shiny black ground and  lovely named flowers. Everything a souvenir scarf should be.

Soon to be listed in my etsy shop.

21 February 2015

update on opping

The pickings have been slim for vintage  scarves to add to my shop.

However, I have managed to find a few narrow, skinny 1950s ties that will be put up for sale.

These hardly ever tip up in Canada and seem to be plentiful here in NZ.

This wee basket will be perfect to transport them home.

A couple of handmade smocked dresses always attract attention at my market stall.

and I could not resist this tea time doily......it needs an iron!

I love  embroidered scripts.

16 February 2015

A busy morning

A busy morning in Port Nelson.

The Jeppersen Maersk is leaving. It arrived yesterday and banged and bashed all night loading and un loading containers.

But see....2 other ships waiting to enter, the tugs and pilot ship whizzing about.

The Glorious Kauri, at 23,000 tons, ready to pick up logs, most likely to take them to China.

  Spirit of Endurance, a container ship  at 7464 tons came in very tentatively under command with no tug assistance.

 All this before 9am.I love a little light entertainment before breakfast..

12 February 2015

Ellen and Jan go shopping

My neighbors in Toronto joined us in Nelson for a few days.

Ellen and I went to the  Wednesday farmers market......there was not another market till Saturday so we had to stock up.

We had an olive oil tasting.

They stayed for a week.

Oh dear!

11 February 2015

whoops....forgot January

Forgot to post my scarf for January.
I had assumed I would pick up all sorts of beauties here in New Zealand but that has not been the case. 

I finally managed to buy this rather nice fine wool paisley gentlemen s scarf in perfect shape.

This was an added bonus!

08 February 2015

Fish for supper

A trip into the charming small port of Monganui to buy some fresh fish for dinner.

Alas, there was none to be had.

BUT WAIT...... what is this backing into the fish shop?

Seems we are in luck.

We chose the red snapper, and very good it was.

05 February 2015


Its a pleasure to be staying in the quiet bay of Totara North  in New Zealands Northland.

Our rental villa is set in the most delightful gardens.

and in the evening we stroll down to the wharf.

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