23 October 2016

scarf alert!

Not a bad couple of weeks of thrift shop trolling.

Two traditional Liberty paisley scarves. Somewhat stronger colors than I prefer but I not saying no to a couple of bucks each. More for my collection.

 Two Hermes scarves, classic  ' Casques Plumets' in perfect condition.

and ' Les Artificiers' very gently worn. I can see I will get a lot of wear from this one.

Of course, lots more interesting scarves making their way into foulardfantastique.

19 October 2016

plus and equal

Cloudy skies,

plus a grey lake and falling temperatures


a blazing fire

and time to close up our summer cabin for another year,

13 October 2016

Gu Chi or not Gucci?

that is the question.

Is this a real Gucci scarf or not? Tag reads ' made in Italy'. Quite a light  weight silk, but that is OK. Nice, generous size, approx 65 cm  x  174 cm.
But, there is no imprint and the hem is badly and  cheaply machined, not good at all.

 Now, we all know that these days a classy label has nothing to do with quality,
Take the Michael Kors hand bag I bought at full price at Canada's fanciest department store last May.
My granddaughter asked " is that a real Michael Kors, Nana?"

Falling apart already, what a piece of c...p!

Just not sure about the scarf.

06 October 2016

Gooseberry Jam

Gooseberries from our garden are frozen till I have time to make jam, as in last week.

Besides, the are much easier to top and tail-when frozen. 

 Skimming off the nasty scum.

  Finished product!

 So satisfying.

26 September 2016

one of the reasons

One of the reasons autumn is my favorite season.

back to textiles soon.

22 September 2016


Two more vintage Liberty scarves have been added  to my  ever growing  ( out of control ) collection.

I suspect the above is from the late 1970s.  The colors are richer than the photos, rather like the Haider Ackermann fall collection, that I am currently obsessed with.
 Although, in truth, I am more of an M&S kind of girl

The tomato paisley is pre WW11, and even I cannot get the stains out!

16 September 2016

I wish I hadn't done that.

A delightful lightweight 1930s quilt, nearly all printed feed-sacks,  with a wee print backing,  in my favorite block.  Log Cabin.

The edges were a bit frayed, so I decided to unpick the knife edge and turn the back print to the front to bind.

Nearly all hand pieced, the batting is partly a very threadbare pink damask cloth or spread that had itself been patched. I also spy some bits of  curtain lining,  Nicely, but sparsely hand quilted in baptist fans, perhaps our maker could not afford more thread, its obvious she did not mind the work.

I have not done a very good job, I wish I had
a...tacked a protective binding around the edge or
b...redone a knife edge, though the original was finely stitched   or
c...left it alone.
I wonder what story this  typical depression era beauty has to tell.

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