20 May 2015

back in the saddle

Its good to be back at the Brickworks Farmers Market for the summer.

The layout is a bit different this year and I am experimenting with different displays.

Always good to take a few pictures as they easily draw attention to your glaring errors.
Sylvia ( below ) from Talis Fair Trade has the same idea.

Here, it is very obvious that this quilt rack could do with some straightening.

I was welcomed by staff and old customers alike.

15 May 2015

Magic number

As predicted, Foulardfantastique reached 777 sales this week ( just)

My easiest and most fascinating shop.

Now, I promise you, I will not promote any more until 800 sales are reached......perhaps in the next few weeks or so.

13 May 2015

I will eat my words

The last post predicted that it would be a long time before I reached my magic number  of 1111 sales in fabriquefantastique.
my etsy shop devoted to antique and vintage textiles.

I am happy to report that I was very wrong....it took about 24 hours.

The next goal is 2,000 sales. Now, that will take a while.

11 May 2015

Almost there

Shameless self promotion here.
My three etsy shops are all just two sales away from the magic number. 


Fabriquefantastique, my first shop is now the slowest. I hardly sell any vintage fabric these days.  However, there are now 1109 sales....just two away from my magic number of 1111.
This may take a while.

   Foulardfantastique is jogging along nicely.  Now at 775 sales ....  That's a lot of scarves and  I expect to reach the magic number of  777!!! this week.

A nice surprised is the amount of vintage souvenir scarves that sell,  I find them fascinating and I suppose others do too.


 Vintage wedding dresses used to be a good seller here in Boutiquefantastique. 
Alas, no longer.
However, this shop is at 298 sales, only 2  to go until 300.

The surprise here is vintage sweaters that sell on a regular basis, if not a lightening speed.

This activity keeps me out of mischief.

04 May 2015

Cuba ..... whats going on

Etsy has removed my souvenir scarf of Cuba because it contains Cuban content.
If it were not so ludicrous and petty I would be angry.

The scarf was most likely made in Japan,
I bought it here in Ontario.
Canada has never had an embargo on Cuba,
I did not know that Canadians had to abide by American mean spirited laws  whilst in their own country.
Etsy touts itself as 'a global community'

While they were at it they also removed a Nicole Miller scarf .....is she a traitor or something?

At least I have tons more scarves to sell.

26 April 2015


My valiant  magnolia is trying to flower.
It knows it should.

But its still so bloody cold that the blooms are being frozen as they appear.

I think I have been this route before.
But, then again I did post this in 2012.

And, I am fed up with all the bloggers  ( you know who you are)  banging on about their  bloody gardens in full bloom. I'll get even with you one day.

23 April 2015

blanket label

Isn't this blanket label charming? 

The shepherd with his flock.He looks rather 1930s and the roses indicate that it is English.
I am guessing this ivory and pink blanket dates from about 1950.

Another for my collection
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