21 July 2014

Saturday market

My usual Saturday morning market at the old Brickworks site in Toronto

 I throw some quilts over the fence surrounding parts of ancient industrial engines.
Not that it helped sell the couple of "Tall Ships"  quilts  - circa 1900, left and 1960s right- or the vintage wool blankets  - a 50s Hudson Bay, a Horn Bros from Lindsay, Ontario, and a 1960s blue blanket from Blythe, Ont.
They will be out with me again next week.

I did, however, say goodbye to the depression era ' butterfly' quilt, made of colorful feed or sugar sacks and the 1930s 'grandmothers garden'  you see peeking out at the top.

A potential customer sizes up her favorites, you are never too young to start collecting.

A small suitcase of vintage baby items always appeals and a few things sold from here too.

18 July 2014

600 scarves

600 scarves have been sold from my etsy scarf shop.....Foulardfantastique!!

The last 100 have been more of a struggle as etsy does not seem to know whether it is coming or going.

Months of frustrating testing, algorithm changes, search engine malfunction,  invasion of cheap manufactured crap  ( which they can't decide if they want or not) etc.

But I plod on, as I really have no other good ideas for an on-line selling platform. I really do not like ebay.

The thrill of the hunt drives me forward.

11 July 2014

Scarf for July

Here is my pick for July from my personal collection.

  A Dior silk scarf with a 1950s vibe ( though I think it is more 80s ). The  pink and black colour scheme with the etched roses is very retro and the chair in the corner adds a touch of whimsy.

As I wear mostly black ...so much easier......it has had quite a few outings this year.

06 July 2014

good to be back

Its good to be back at the Brickworks Farmers Market, ( Saturdays 8 - 1 )

 I have my old spot, down by the quarry and was welcomed by old customers and vendors alike.

Mind you, I was exhausted by 10.30!!

Warren, my buddy from Boxit had a splendid new banner made for me.

Whilst he was about it he had one made for himself......handsome eh?

edit...get with the program Warren and get a website soon so I can link you.

01 July 2014

To the bar.....

On the way to Roy Thomson Hall for a special occation, I was separated  from my husband on the subway .

Fortunately, I was pretty sure if I followed this fellow I would get out at the right stop and I was right.

Our youngest daughter was being called to the bar.
That her, 5th ( or is it 6th ) row, 3 in from the center aisle on the right.!

A more culturally diverse bunch you could't find.  Young ( and not so young, I saw a lot of bald heads) from every background and ethnic mix.....so very Toronto.

 Unfortunately I did not realize she had to rent her barristers  robes, her permanent, made to measure ones will not be ready till the autumn, so the above is the only picture I have of her gowned.

She went back to law school as a mature student, not the easiest route and has worked her but off.
She will be a splendid lawyer. Well done Louise.

26 June 2014

scarf of the month, June

Every thing a souvenir scarf should be.

It is.....

 * colorful
* playful
* has a map
* heavy rayon
* one side is selvedge
* 1950s - 60s
* sense of time and place

Lots more souvenir scarves here

23 June 2014


This is most likely the only time you will get a recipe out of me.

Although I consider myself a good cook I really have not baked for about 15 years.

But the charming blackboard recipe at Eat Me Fruit and Vege, an independent grocer in Nelson, and the fact I was on holiday and very relaxed changed my mind. I thought I would give it a twirl.

Pacific Plum Cake was so good I made it 3 times ( well, I had to buy 1k of flour)  I also made it with peaches.

La Table de Nana and The English Kitchen, the two excellent cooking blogs I read regularly, would be proud of me.


2 cups ripe plums, cut into slices             4 eggs
150g butter ( softened)                           1 cup caster sugar
2 cups shredded or desiccated coconut   2 cups self-raising flour
1 tsp baking powder                                1 cup milk ( 1/2 milk & 1/2 yogurt, yum)

In medium bowl, separate eggs & beat whites till they form soft peaks. In larger bowl, beat butter & caster sugar until creamy. Add yolks one at a time, beating between,then FOLD in coconut, flour, b/powder & the milk yogurt mixture.
FOLD in egg whites and carefully spoon mixture into a round spring form tin. gently plop plum slices evenly into the mixture around the tin.
Bake 1 1/4 hours at 150 or until knife dipped incomes out clean. Serve warm with yogurt and plum slices.

*** I found the oven temp a bit too low .....but we all know our own ovens.
Also great cold, lasts for a week, feeds at least 8.

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