21 August 2015

Can a label tell a story

A most evocative label inside this mid 1950s wedding dress.
" tailored in Kenya by Modern Tailoring Co. - Tailors & Outfitters - PO Box 173 - Nakaru"

Not exactly a couture garment it is made of ivory flocked taffeta with a lace insert ,

I wonder what the story is? How come it tipped up in a Toronto thrift store.
 I would have said 'ended up' in a thrift store, but hopefully,  that is not the end of this gowns career as I have it listed in one of my etsy shops.

Peter, who blogs under Male Pattern Boldness, has labels on his mind this week too.

16 August 2015

Monica and Pete help out.

My granddaughter and her friend, visiting from Yorkshire

helped me at the Brickworks Market yesterday.

 They both have a great 'eye'  and Monica immediately snaffled  a 60s bejeweled cardigan ( seen above) as well as some other pieces.

I could not have done it without them.

09 August 2015

Coldwater garage

The font used on the Coldwater garage must surely be  the original from the 1930s 

We pass through Coldwater ( pop 600) on the way to our summer cabin and I have  long admired it.

Now I have had the chance to get up close and personal

Looks like our old  jalopy is headed to the great parking lot in the sky.

02 August 2015

Brickworks Farmers Market

One of  the pleasures of selling at the Brickworks Farmers Market for the past 9 years 

is my friendship with Brenda, who helps Pegeen with the flowers. She usually pops by later in the day to cheer me up.

Here are some photos taken over the last few years.

But, whatever is going on at the market these days???

My sales have been down 80- 90 % over the last few weeks!! ( that's a helluva lot )

I have heard that farmers markets across Toronto are down 25% and read that the downtown restaurants are hurting. The blame is being put on the Pan Am Games , that were taking place,  now thankfully over.

Lets hope things improve and our regular customer will return.

Brenda, last week! Cheery as ever, Some things remain the same.

29 July 2015

A few days at the lake

A glorious couple of days at the lake last week. Perfect weather with a cool lake breeze. 

The above 1950s Dresden Plate was whipped into shape. Very torn border and a few shattered spokes.
I was toying with rebinding in red, or piecing the old blue border to make a narrow binding.

 In the end I merely removed the blue and turned the white backing to the front to bind. A bit anemic but  in truth, it was not really  a good enough piece to command more effort.

The latest batch of gooseberry jam.  We have a bumper crop this year. A bit of a fiddle as we do not get those huge UK goosgogs. I must say I was proud of myself as I did not have any kind of recipe and had to play it by ear. Gooseberries are high in pectin and they all jelled perfectly.

More knitting now off the needles.     Vintage wool bought at an oppie in Richmond NZ and

My tried and true Beehive pattern c 1930.

Please, do not think I sit and do nothing.....I read three books as well. All left my my daughters and DIL who keep me well supplied with reading material.

24 July 2015

Needlework box

The memory of a vintage sewing basket that I had to leave in Richmond NZ about 10 years ago has left a permanent scar. It  was a  standing basket lined with 1930s floral cretonne that  was much too big to carry home 

However, last year I managed to pick up an adorable knitting basket from  the same area, Wakefield, The Pigeon Valley to be exact.

I do have a thing about sewing boxes, bags and baskets.

Which brings me too a new venture from my blog buddy Lynn at Tialys.
She has actually made a downloadable tutorial for her darling hexagonal sewing boxes......go on, have a look

Well done Lynn, I'm very impressed.

19 July 2015


This small printed label has long been the indicator of my favorite sort of Liberty scarf. So I was delighted to receive a reply from their Facebook  page when I inquired as to when this label was retired, the archivist  thinks it is pre WW11. I must have about 100 in my somewhat large collection.

But what is going on with Liberty these days? First I come across a scarf I almost dislike - then I come across a very dubious Liberty scarf,  perhaps a misprint.

 I ordered some Liberty print shirts ( on sale!!) last month from The Hudson's Bay Company, a department store here in Canada.

100% cotton, yes, Tana Lawn,, no. Reasonably made though a bit on the skimpy side  -  though that may be the extra lbs I have put on.
But whats with this ludicrous marketing tag? The new ' telling a story'  suppose.

Rather like my local supermarket that pretends to be a French market place.

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