05 January 2018

Liberty update

Its too bloody cold  ( - 26 ) to even troll around the thrift stores.

Instead, I bought out a box of fine wool scarves that had been stashed away for a few years, and what did I find?

A small,warm Liberty scarf in lovely glowing colors. I do not even remember buying it.
Perfect for my collection.
It has  made my day.


  1. When it's too cold for thrifting then we know it's DARN cold!!! I have been making a list of what I'm going to be searching for the next time we go and it's getting longer by the day! Try to stay warm!

    1. you too MA,cant remember a colder winter, can you?

  2. Best stay in the warm - especially when you've already got gorgeous scarves like that laying around.

  3. What a beautiful scarf. The colours are perfect for brightening up a cold Winter's day. xxx

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  5. What a beautiful scarf! Hope the spring comes quickly for you, -26 sounds really, really cold!

  6. Superb colors to lift one's spirits!

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