25 January 2011


Two samples of beautiful embroidery on silk. Victorian or Edwardian, I believe they were usually made as gifts or tokens. Handkerchief size ,the first is a little larger, unfortunately the color has bled a bit. Just look at that scalloped edge. Fine, dense work.

There are some super embroiderers in blogland still stitching. Linda in Australia, Karen in England, are amongst many, both are regular reads of mine that I look forward to and a blog I found today Shawkle.

Etsy news

I'm afraid I am very behind on promoting some imaginative treasuries that have featured some of my vintage scarves in my etsy shop.. Everyone seems to be looking towards warmer times.

First up, Destination: anywhere warm, actually, this is not the vintage scarf featured, because that souvenir scarf sold!! (to see it, look at the treasury) so I substituted this little number from Greece. Thank you SweetClothesOf Mine, please use my items again!

Where are you, curated by Jewelsbyjessie used my Florida souvenir.

everywednesday, who has a cute vintage clothing shop, put together Walking on Sunshine, using this 70s silk.

and Red,white,black,patterns and textures, an eye popping T, was put together by isewcute, a popular etsy shop that sells, amongst other things original embroidery patterns.


  1. I love the two embroideries, so pretty!

  2. Karen & Shawkl are two of my favourite reads, for sure. I love the embroideries on the old handkerchiefs and such - amazing what was done in times past.

  3. Beautiful embroidery, just amazing. My mother have made some beautiful works earlier, wish I had her embroidery skills.

  4. Embroidery is such a great past time too, and these pictures you show and all the people embroidering on blogland just shows how appreciated this art form still is, and it is an art form.

  5. Gosh I love the red silk with the vintage postcards, so nice!

    Sarah x

  6. thanks so much for the link!!!

  7. The embroideries are lovely and the handkerchiefs are so pretty too! :) x

  8. Thanks for dropping by my blog.I love embroidered pieces and have a few in my collection..people were so skilled in those days weren't they? I was thinking you might like to take a look at this lady's blog..henhousehomemade.blogspot.com...as you love quilting. :0)


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