13 January 2011

The last (for now) of Jacqmar

The last of my Jacqmar scarf collection is now up on Flickr (until I acquire more!)

Fabulous, lush floral...quite old, I think, as it is a soft shell pink crepe like silk.

The first and last polyester I bought. Although I see many, one has to stop somewhere!
I wish I knew a little more about this most English of makes. Like, when did the logos change? Why were some printed in Italy and when? I intend to but any I see at the right price, and you all know how much that is.

When I add a blog to my reader list I look for a couple of things...what is the writer interested in, sewing? textiles?vintage?, and a sense of time and place. So it has been interesting to read my Australian bloggy buddies on how they are dealing with the floods. Like the variety of blogs they write, all deal with it in different ways.
From my blog reader...just a few

and a Canadian blog of interest.....the super MaryAnne

Etsy news

I'm delighted to have some items featured in Treasuries this week.
A little Help from my Friends, curated by Monique, an expat,she lives in Florida where she makes one of a kind, dramatic jewelry, her shop name UniqueNique says it all. She used this vintage scarf.

and, Love in the Afternoon, put together by Glenda of Wintergarden, who lives right here in Toronto and makes OOAK textile items. With a title like that you just have to click on this bright treasury


  1. I just love looking at these scarves of yours - soon I will have to make a treasury called "if I had a million dollars" because between the scarves and the material and our other talented friends I could definitely buy a million times more than I sell.

  2. Whew - now I've recovered from my choking fit (SUPER??? Me?? Not on your life!), I can comment. Just wanted to mention that I can't reply to your ?'s on my blog because yours is set to 'no reply' (in case you were thinking I was ignoring you).

  3. You always have a plethora of goodies to share, Jan. I hope the cold and snow haven't boxed you in.

  4. I love that floral scarf, the colours in it are beautiful. I live in hope that one day I might come across one of the WWII Jacqumar scarves in a charity shop - I can but dream!

  5. Your collection of scrafs are very lovely. I especially like the silk floral one. Thanks for visiting my blog. Much appreciated. Hugs judy

  6. the top scarf is divine....

  7. Hi Jan, thank you for your blog comment. I am guessing you lived in GB at the time??? Lizzie x


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