15 January 2011

An apology

What a mess I made of things yesterday. I was trying to get the hang of Craftcults treasury widget and posted an empty blog 5 (yes five) times. Still don't think I have got it.
So I apologize for making a mess of your blog reader. You all know, by now, what a techno dinosaur I am.

So, today I am posting what I know best. 2 samples of 1930s-40s cotton fabric.

Etsy news will have to wait until tomorrow whilst I continue to struggle.

Well....what do you know!!! It appears to have worked...but it does not show up until the post is published.....very unnerving.
This pretty treasury was put together by Linda, of JustOneLook. She has the dubious honor of having curated the first entire Treasury to appear on my blog...well done Linda, because at this rate you will be also be the last


  1. Don't worry.Tech errors happen all the time in my house..hehehe. I have actually managed to burn my laptop..

    The first textile is gorgeous, very cute strawberries!


  2. love the vintage fruit pattern!

  3. that top fabric is fantastic, I love it!! as for computer skills...mine are terrible honestly. The younger generation are definitely the leaders in that field. If you have access to a teenager I suggest you borrow them!!

  4. Not to worry - I just thought your computer taken up stuttering or you had a nervous twitch in your 'publish' finger.

  5. Lol! You got there! Very cute textiles.
    Thank you for your kind comment on my blog.

  6. Love the fabrics! Don't worry about the tech problems, it happens to everyone sometimes! :) x

  7. No problem! I think most of us struggle with widgets and applications just the same (at least , _I_ do!!)..And your blog and photos are fantasic already the way they are.

  8. I haven't even learned to make treasury yet. Love the fabrics, they give me all sorts of ideas!

  9. Hi Jan,

    Found you through Mary Anne's blog. I think we've "met" online before but can't remember where or when.

    I love vintage fabric so I'm going to follow you and I'll add a link in my sidebar for you.

    Love the fabric with the fruit!

  10. Try using this application for your treasuries:

    It's really easy to use. It has the instructions and it takes seconds to get any treasury on your blog. Hope that helps :)

  11. lol. I don't even know what craftcult IS. You are way above me in the tech world!


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