28 September 2011

more mending, well, sort of.

This 1930s Sunbonnet Sue was damaged. Very pretty colours and nice quilting around Sue in trefoils, I liked the French knots on the bonnets too. I quickly mended the binding and had intended to replace the two dresses that were worn to the bat, unpicking the hands and sewing them on again.

On closer inspection it was a lot more fragile than I had thought. I doubt it would have survived even a gentle wash.

so I let nature give it a good rinse and it will most likely go into my garage sale next year.
For a giggle about Sue do look at Barbara Brackmans posts.

next up was a simple 9 patch with red thread quilting. This is the second example I have come across this summer. I wonder if there was a 'vogue' for that work. This is a work in progress...

just the begining

Autumn has started on the shores of Lake Huron.

everywhere there are changing colors

and scrumptious textures.

I wish I was still designing printed fabrics

and embroidering.

Even the pine needles blown on the rocks look enticing.

This flame red is a small maple that has adopted us.

Pine cones look like a 1930s printed dress cotton.

But because this is a textile blog I will show my latest blanket label ( sorry it is sideways) from the Ottawa Valley.

See the lambs gamboling over the hills....I wonder what they did for the 6 0r 7 months there was 10 feet of snow on the ground?

25 September 2011

Brickworks Farmers Market , suggestions please.

Rain was forecast for last Saturday morning and I was booked at the Brickworks Farmers Market, however, it turned out to be a glorious September day.

I was moved again to a middle, open location. I have a hard time setting up in a tent, albeit a nice big one, and feel the space does not show off the sort of vintage textiles that I carry. All ideas and suggestions (that do not involve money) welcome. Heaven help me if it rains. I did add some bright old curtains to one corner, but as people approach from all sides its difficult to block off one side with a whole quilt.
How can I make this bleak space look warm and inviting?

and there was also a troupe of entertainers for the younger crowd...they sure worked hard.

23 September 2011

post of shame

This is the mess I have got myself into since my summer student help returned to school.

and it has only been 5 weeks. I hope he comes home for reading week.

The leaves have just started to turn here in southern Ontario. Expect to see more photos later.

Oh, Blogger is on the fritz again and tells me I am not following any blogs....what rot!

20 September 2011

whats going on?

A toddle round the thrift shops yesterday was a treat. I picked up two Jacqmar scarves to add to my collection.

This is my favorite sort of Jacqmar, soft floral, 50s perhaps.

but, what have we here? created FOR Jacqmar of London??? reverse tell me it was made in China....Yikes. To me, Jacqmar is quintessentially English, on a par with Liberty.

speaking of which ,
a pretty Liberty small floral, 50s 60s? I am pretty sure I have this in a couple of other colorways. One of these days I will get around to organizing my stash of about 700 Liberty scarves.

and dig this late 40s early 50s souvenir scarf, love the Delta airlines DC 6.

18 September 2011

Market Day again

A perfect, crisp day to be working outside at the Brickworks Farmers Market. Alas, the gods were not with me and I did not sell a single quilt or blanket. I sold some of my popular vintage wool curling jackets from the 50s 60s, you can just see some hanging up.

Some of the major roads were closed and I think it was a slow day for all, at least I can bring my items out another time, unlike the farmers whom I saw lugging lots of produce back into their vans. I bought some meat from The Quinte Organic Co-operative, who was right behind me, always a great neighbor
to have.
I shall just treat it as a PR day.

I am making an effort to go through my Liberty scarves.....here is an unusual fine wool printed with a very autumnal design.

Not sure which era...60s 70s perhaps?l

14 September 2011

3 old quilts

3 old quilts mended this week and ready to go.

A large wool and jersey wool country quilt with a homespun or Alamance cloth back. A few of the orange and red jersey squares had small surface holes (pretty sure they are not moth). I used matching embroidery thread to satin stitch over the holes. I think it is very handsome.

Delicate 1930s grandmothers garden only needed to be rebound to the back. Soaked in a bucket and rinsed using my latest method...sprayed with a garden hose using lake water.

Funny, I only noticed the 'zig-zag' alternate blocks when I took the photograph, I had assumed they were just faded. This depression era quilt was rebound using an old faded print sheet, it works quite well and is in the spirit of using what you have to hand. Mother Nature played its part in the rinse.

11 September 2011

Autumn Christie Show

Saturday was a fine day for the Christie fall antique show.
As usual,I was too busy to take pics of the 300 or so booths and selfishly only managed my own.

The back rack before it blew down (it always does mid-afternoon when the wind picks up) The 3 quilt tops on the bottom are all 19th century, the left one sold.

You can see the lovely blue sky. But I am not too sure about the booth over the road that sells masses of second hand handbags...not even vintage.

My quilt rack sagging under the weight. Middle left quilt was a cracker, a turn of the century 'Court House Steps' wish I had taken a better picture, it was one of my favorites. Simple turquoise checkerboard went to a new home, as well.

Canadian redwork and Irish Chain left home. I take photos to remind myself of the lovely pieces that pass through my hands.

Vintage blankets on the ground, I do have a blanket rack but people seem to always look at the mess on the grass. Hey, if it is not broken, don't fix it.

09 September 2011

a nice surprise

A nice surprise yesterday, my prize from Nelly arrived, all the way from Australia.

Lots of lovely vintage buttons (I love buttons) and trim.....all beautifully packaged in 1970s fabric. I don't often enter blog giveaways, those with experience take photos of the pretty packages, but I tore mine open right away.
Nelly has a great blog and a wicked sense of humor.

I was so excited I fell up the stairs and bruised my ribs, now I can't laugh or bend over!

more blanket labels for my collection ....well photos, hopefully the blankets will sell at the Christie antiques fair tomorrow

The Whitney one has a nice art deco look.

The Rainbow sheet has been in my collection for several years, time for it to move on.

05 September 2011

taking apart

Busy last week taking apart some large , heavy, very damaged quilts . Truly, they were taking up more room than I could afford.

A spectacular, bold, wool, tied star, I love the strip pieced diamond borders. I have not decided what to do with the top, to try and sell 'as is' or to remove some more manageable blocks. It is about 90" square.

The back was a turkey red calico print...looks a bit pink here and I must work on a color photo before I can sell it.

A pile of rescued pieces awaiting their new life.
More to come.......

A few weeks ago I posted as I was starting to unpick this and mentioned that I thought a mans shirt was coming out of the center. Turns out to be a 1930s cotton dress, very worn, faded and patched in several places. Even my 16 year old granddaughter found it quite touching ( and a good reality check)

04 September 2011

A new spot at the Brickworks Farmers Market

Yesterday I set up at the Brickworks Farmers Market and was delighted that my first sale, before I unpacked , was to another vendor. Here is 'Mr Maple Syrup' (sorry, I will give a better introduction next time) looking relaxed and happy at 7am in his new sweater. The maple leaf motif on this vintage Cowichan jacket is specially relevant.

I tried to make the best of an extremely hot booth behind the farmers.

Luckily, my neighbors were Patricia, who has Balanced Energy on Site, and Jean Louie Reflexology.
These ladies add value to the market, offering a quiet space and expert service in the midst of a rather hectic site. Both are cool, calm, very kind and immensely sensible, which is great for me as I tend to be a bit excitable!

I value their friendship and support.

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