18 September 2011

Market Day again

A perfect, crisp day to be working outside at the Brickworks Farmers Market. Alas, the gods were not with me and I did not sell a single quilt or blanket. I sold some of my popular vintage wool curling jackets from the 50s 60s, you can just see some hanging up.

Some of the major roads were closed and I think it was a slow day for all, at least I can bring my items out another time, unlike the farmers whom I saw lugging lots of produce back into their vans. I bought some meat from The Quinte Organic Co-operative, who was right behind me, always a great neighbor
to have.
I shall just treat it as a PR day.

I am making an effort to go through my Liberty scarves.....here is an unusual fine wool printed with a very autumnal design.

Not sure which era...60s 70s perhaps?l


  1. The Liberty scarf does look very 70s! And your quilts are lovely - I like the colourful one (bottom right hand corner on the display rack).

  2. It is either feast or famine, isn't it. :| I hope your next sale is much better!

  3. I vote 70's for your lovely scarf. The large print with sharp angles is why. Plus I'm old enough to remember that wonderful decade.

  4. like Lisa, I def.think it's a 1970s one too.

  5. How anyone can pass up your beautiful vintage quilts is beyond me - they are a rare breed in this country unless you go to a specialist shop or fair.
    I too would say 70s - i remember the browns from my teen years

  6. Hello
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    Miss Rayne

  7. I wouldn't be able to pass up one of those beautiful vintage quilts! Good thing I live in California then...(heehee)

    You have a good attitude about the market Jan - I always say "they might not buy today but they'll buy tomorrow"...

    Warm hugs,

  8. I also think its 70s for the lovely scarf. Better luck at the next sale :)

  9. Those quilts are gorgeous! I'd have blown a paycheck on however many my yen could buy :D


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