14 September 2011

3 old quilts

3 old quilts mended this week and ready to go.

A large wool and jersey wool country quilt with a homespun or Alamance cloth back. A few of the orange and red jersey squares had small surface holes (pretty sure they are not moth). I used matching embroidery thread to satin stitch over the holes. I think it is very handsome.

Delicate 1930s grandmothers garden only needed to be rebound to the back. Soaked in a bucket and rinsed using my latest method...sprayed with a garden hose using lake water.

Funny, I only noticed the 'zig-zag' alternate blocks when I took the photograph, I had assumed they were just faded. This depression era quilt was rebound using an old faded print sheet, it works quite well and is in the spirit of using what you have to hand. Mother Nature played its part in the rinse.


  1. These are beautiful. I was immediately drawn to the first quilt but now after looking I really can't choose which one I like best.

  2. Love the quilts. I made a grandmother's flower garden quilt for my son - all by hand. Won't say how long it took me!


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