25 September 2011

Brickworks Farmers Market , suggestions please.

Rain was forecast for last Saturday morning and I was booked at the Brickworks Farmers Market, however, it turned out to be a glorious September day.

I was moved again to a middle, open location. I have a hard time setting up in a tent, albeit a nice big one, and feel the space does not show off the sort of vintage textiles that I carry. All ideas and suggestions (that do not involve money) welcome. Heaven help me if it rains. I did add some bright old curtains to one corner, but as people approach from all sides its difficult to block off one side with a whole quilt.
How can I make this bleak space look warm and inviting?

and there was also a troupe of entertainers for the younger crowd...they sure worked hard.


  1. I hope it went well for you last weekend Jan. What a colourful outfit the entertainer is wearing. Love those cardigans/jackets, they look very warm. You're a Britain to do all these markets, it must be a big effort for you.

  2. I spy some lovely quilts on your stand. Don't worry I also have the same dilemma as you over how to display my antique and vintage textiles...I will let you know if I come up with any brain waves!
    Jo xx

  3. It must be very frustrating for you to be outside evry time. Why do they keep putting you there...you need to have words!!

  4. Hi Jan, I understand your predicament.. i bought myself one of these tents like yours but with sides to it and i can open up 2 or 3 sides or just have the entrance open... if i were you i would close one or two sides with sheets of something similar... maybe you have some old ones at home... hope that helps.. karen

  5. Your vintage textiles are lovely. I have never did a market before so unfortunately I can not give you any advise. Thanks for visiting my blog. Greatly appreciated. Hugs Judy


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