28 December 2015

on my mind

Yipee!!! reached 900 sales in  my online  vintage scarf shop.

 A multiple sale from a repeat customer that put me over the magic number.

1000, here I come.

But whats with blogger these days? They are disconnecting 'google friends connect' and I no longer receive blog updates from bloggers around the world that I find interesting . I do not see how this can 'improve my blogging experience'

What shall I do?

24 December 2015

mince tarts

Mini mince tarts

with  mincemeat, home made by  my niece, Katy King, a London copper.

Think it was spiked with Amaretto and it was delicious!

Oozy and boozy.

Merry Christmas to all

20 December 2015

Banned from buying

Thought I would show you a couple of vintage scarves I picked up in England recently.
- I am having a self imposed ban on buying any more stock for my shop,  but these are for me. 

1950s deep navy and chartreuse large square.  Its my latest favorite and I may have to buy a navy pea jacket to go with it, most likely making it the most expensive charity shop buy I have ever made!

This architectural Liberty of London scarf must be a collectible. How could I go wrong for 99p,?

Neat, eh?

I know, if I list 25 more scarves for sale the ban will be lifted. Not that it will make a lot of difference to my scarf stash.

10 December 2015

888...is that a magic number?

Yes!    888 is a magic number.

because it means it won't be too long before I reach 900 sales in foulardfantastique. my etsy shop devoted to vintage scarves.

Do you think I will reach that number befor I go to New Zealand mid January?

I am not that confident as etsy has taken a huge nosedive for my shops. Let's keep our fingers crossed.

Fabriquefantastique and Boutiquefantastique continue to limp jog along.

PS, does anyone know how I can have these piccies directly link to the items? After all, you may want to know how much they are.

07 December 2015

travels with my knitting

An update on my knitting adventures.

Baby outfit from a 1940s-50s pattern made from yarn of unknown origin bought from a street market in Florence for 1 euro. Mother of pearl old buttons from New Zealand.

Baby blue vintage wool, possibly pre war, bought on the skein from a charity shop in Pocklington some years ago. Must have been many years ago as I was there for my nephews wedding and now they have three strapping boys!
 My favorite 1930s Beehive pattern.

  I also acquired this old swift in Yorkshire on the same trip,but it fell apart mid-wind. What did I expect for 2 pounds sterling? Seen winding the above pre-war wool. I finished this wee outfit in Paris last month.

This summer I succumbed and actually bought some brand new yarn. I could not resist this 100% untreated blueface leicester wool from The Georgian Bay Fibre Company. Bought at their market stall in Parry Sound. Kettle dyed, the colour is 'Watt Nannyberry'.not showing very well but it is just like crushed mulberries and was an absolute pleasure to have in the hands,
I will be back for another skein  next summer.

 Last month I picked up a huge bag of varied yarns from the Methodist Church bazaar
in Canterbury whilst on trip to Europe
There were 34 balls of various quality for 2 pounds 50 pence .....how could I go wrong!

 So I started on some wee hats from my new vintage pattern bought in Deal. There was so much yarn I have had to leave most of it at my sisters house in Kent.

Here's some of it, along with the 1950s 60s fine wool from Broadstairs. A charity shop buy,  just the sort of vintage wool I like.
I am putting the celadon green on the needles this evening.

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