28 May 2014

Glasgow rose

Quite a shock to see the footage of Glasgow School of Art burning to the ground.

 So I thought I would show you some images of the windows in my house in mid town Toronto....built in 1927.

 Now, you can't tell me the local window glass maker was not influenced by the Scottish Arts and Crafts Movement....or any of these..

Charles Rennie MacIntosh lives on!

24 May 2014

what to do with an Hermes scarf

What to do with an Hermes scarf?

Invite your friends, ex nurses, over to help fashion some slings

because you have a fractured shoulder.

This all went a little bit better after a glass or two of wine,  We became bored with the Hermes collection

 and thought we would try a Liberty scarf also,  as I was wearing a Liberty print shirt.

 I feel much smarter now. Thank goodness for friends and neighbors.

More Hermes scarves here.....and Liberty silk scarves too. from my somewhat vast collection.

21 May 2014

more goodies

That very naughty Mary Ann has done it again. She sent me another huge stack of vintage knitting patterns from her neck of the woods,  in a package so heavy I nearly fractured my other arm.
A prize is the Monarch Jubilee edition, 1948. I'm sure it is worth a fortune.

Lots of interesting patterns I have never seen before.

  Some op shop wool I bought in NZ this year might be just right for this swing jacket.

  Not sure I want to meet this little sweetheart in a back alley.

 I believe I first 'met' Mary Anne  commenting on one of  Karens early blogs.
  Linda, from Razzle Dazzle Quilter also sent me some great NZ knitting patterns earlier this year, how lucky I am.

  Blog buddies are the best.

15 May 2014

Scarf of the month...May

May's choice.
From my personal collection.

Chosen because it is
* 1950s....ever so.
*  hand rolled on two sides and  to the selvedge on the width.....which indicates to me that it was screen printed on 34" wide silk ( this is a feature I love and often look for)
* a Lanvin
* Low keyed label

In fact, I particularly like the label.
I have never understood why it is desirable to have double Cs printed or woven onto every surface, or to parade about with  "Tommy" written across the chest ( specially if your name is Carole or Jon)

I have some other designer scarves in my shop.
Forgive the shameless self promotion but one has to do what one has to do.

12 May 2014

An early morning visitor

At about 5 am I was woken by that familiar 'thump ' of a bird flying into a window. If our dear Smokey  were still alive  ( died at age 24!) she would have been outside in a flash .

This time I found a young screech owl, only about 5"  high, looking rather stunned.  Poor wee thing.
I left him/her for about half an hour hoping he would recover, but he was still on the window ledge.
So I went to make him a bed ( or worse), a shoe box lined in old silk ties, thinking I would take him to the vet.

When I came back he was gone. I hope he is OK.

08 May 2014

What a rip off......

Kerry wrote about a yo yo  maker  in her blog a few weeks ago. I thought she was absolutely right, yo yo s are  the perfect portable project.

As I had an Amazon gift certificate to spend I went to that site first.  The  1-1.25" size is  $7. 50.....but they will not ship to Canada,

So I clicked on Amazon.ca.......the same item,  a whopping  $51...........what a rip off.

I ordered from a shop on etsy  ( $5.50 )  and was very satisfied. 

05 May 2014

all lower case

all lower case for the time being. i have fractured my shoulder and can only type with one hand.
so, no




or practicing calligraphy for me.

instead, please look at my etsy shops ......can't cut and paste either.

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