28 February 2011

no shrinking violets here

I'm really missing my thrifting days and am completely envious of other bloggers boasting of their days finds.

so I scrambled around a back cupboard and pulled out these pieces I had forgotten about . Both bold blue embroidery. The basket bedspread, from about the 20s 30s I think, is already for sale.
I shall work on the Pennsylvania Dutch 50s linen tablecloth this afternoon.
These ladies certainly did not dither about what to do with their time, they jumped right into these splashy projects.

25 February 2011

a bit of this and a bit of that

Tracy, from The Vintage Bothy in England was wondering what to do with a damaged quilt she had, but now I see she is taking it to market tomorrow and will most likely sell 'as is'. I am going to pinch some of her display ideas.

I wish I felt I could sell this 30s applique scottie dog quilt 'as is'. Some one has used it as a drop sheet and there is barely a motif that does not have paint splatters on it. What a shame, it was so adorable. I cannot bring myself to throw it out and I really am not a pillow maker....perhaps I could find some bits to frame.

I have never been to The Textile Museum in Washington and was intrigued by an upcoming exhibition Second Lives, the age old art of recycling textiles. I found their web page sparse and would love to know more.

Oliver (5 weeks) was over for dinner, I was horrified to find out he had no mitts. What kind of Canadian boy has no mitts, its still -20 or so. So I knitted these for him the next day. So satisfying to use up some of my vast stash.

etsy news

see my pretty 30s baby pillow slip.....3rd row


23 February 2011

Simplicity and Distiction

Last November I was the happy recipient of a box of antique needlework magazines from a blogging buddy Mary Anne. Promised myself that they would be my convalescent treat, one a day.
Quite honestly, I don't know where the days are going (well, I do have to do my exercises).
Today I pulled out the July 1924 issue of Needlecraft and loved this article on 'Collar-and-Cuff Sets Combining Simplicity and Distinction'
I learn something from every page. This one mentions 'made of crash or white ratine'. I have never heard of ratine before. The same set (on the right) also features 'coronation or rice-cord'.
I think an hour or so on Google doing a bit of detective work is in order.

and guess what tipped up in one of my knitting baskets? A lovely 30s collar and cuff set of palest celadon green lawn, with delicate drawn thread work. have no idea where I bought this but I still love it.

I'm looking to feature various etsy treasuries in a new way, I'm not quite there yet. Your favorite dinosaur is working on it.

20 February 2011

I love this print

Listed on etsy this week a 1930-40s quilt top. I just love this exuberant, jazz printed cotton, straight out of the jazz /swing age (or a bit later) with a bit of stride thrown in.

I'm also rather fond of the pajama stripes, they never date.

and a typical 30s fruit print. This top is not in particularly good condition, but too good to waste, and I enjoyed looking at, feeling , learning and ironing these old textiles. It's the part of this little business I like best.

etsy news

this fabulous quilt, a bold 1930s 'grandmothers garden was featured in a lovely treasury Comfort is the Key, put together by HummingbirdHideaway, a charming country vintage shop.

and my 70s scarf is the first item up on this bright T.

18 February 2011

A gap in the market

Don't you love it when you read an article about someone who has built an empire because they 'spotted a gap in the market'. Well, I think I have.....spotted a gap, that is.

As I am recovering, at home, from a hip replacement I have had a hard time coming up with 'what to wear', that will accommodate 1) the nurse, who takes blood pressure, gives injections,changes dressings and more. 2) the physiotherapist, who puts me through my paces. 3) me, who wants to nap a lot. 4) visitors, who want to have tea, gossip and make me laugh. 4) R, who is looking after me so well and would like to see me up and about.
Very smart, chic, unusual, but serviceable pajamas would be the ticket .

I have a couple of sets from Calvin Klein, but I hate paying top $ for shoddily made, cheap fabrics.
I went to etsy, but could not find what I wanted, not even from sandmaidensleepwear....and they do lovely lingerie.
Lots of super jersey tops, but none came with matching loose bottoms (though I bet many shops would be willing to make specially for you)
Caprirose (above) had really fun prints, perhaps I could get away with these.

Any suggestions welcome.....

another pretty etsy treasury....see my vintage scarf in row 3.

15 February 2011

The one that got away

Vintage scarves have been selling well for me on etsy recently...so I went to my stash and pulled out a handful more.
One of them was Liberty of London. How did it get there? Why was it not put in my regular Liberty box (boxes, bags, shelves) I don't even remember this one. Where did I get it and when?

I am taking this opportunity to start to list Liberty scarves on Flickr, and to perhaps, organize my collection (I know, you have heard this one before) and I still have no idea how to start.

etsy news

.....2 bright treasuries featured my items this week.
What's not to love about red...my favorite color
and what's not to love about shoes?

13 February 2011

St Antony and the quilt

Early last week I sold one of my favorite quilts on line. A 19th century Jacobs ladder, pieced in rich tones of cinnamon, Turkey red, black and white, gray. Muted, yet almost glowing. A stunning red striped back.
R went to look for for it. I usually keep 19th century in my 3rd floor cedar closet, but I was not too sure as JL (as I call it) had been out to several shows last summer, always good to have on hand as a reference.
R, who is pretty good after all these years of living with vintage textiles looked and looked...he even went to the main warehouse, actually the garage and still banked up with snow. No deal.
The quilt had been paid for...whats to do? as I am still semi-immobile.
I asked my student helper to come over, she was only free late Friday.

Friday morning my lovely Irish nurse came, suggested I prayed to St Antony, she skyped her mam in Ireland for extra help.
My physiotherapist, an athletic young woman from the Philippines arrived at noon, she assured me she prayed to St Antony all the time, inspected the narrow 3rd floor stairs and coached me on how to ascend and descend.

My student, Claudia Puchinele (no prizes for guessing her background) rolled her eyes and muttered it was most likely what her nonni would do. With help, we got to the bursting at the seams cupboard.
and guess what? after about 25 minutes the missing quilt finally emerged from under a big plastic bags of vintage evening bags!!!
St Antony is my new hero....I might even convert.

I will miss JL...now winging its way to Germany

I was lucky to be features in this fabulous treasury put together by Lois, who is one of my must read blogging buddies. She has exquisite taste, even though she does eat deep fried Mars bars.

10 February 2011

Is there a link here

I found a link...entirely by chance. I clicked a link whilst reading Karens regular blog as I do whenever she posts. I recognized a warm hand.

A month or so ago my blogging buddy MaryAnne had generously donated some striking quilt blocks to an Australian relief fund (sent them all the way)
and sure enough, I believe this is the site. Kaite is putting together these fantastic quilts with donated blocks....lots to see.
They are lovely (I have always had a soft spot for string piecing)

dear Australian quilters....be sure to label your quilts. In years to come people will want to know how and when they came together. As someone who buys and sells quilts I can't tell you how much even the tiniest piece of information means. These quilts deserve a place in Australian history.

Etsy news.

A couple of my vintage scarves have found their way into fun treasuries.

A 50s little number in Mad Men Mania curated by JLVintage, a stylish shop from Spokane.

and a souvenir scarf (always interesting) was featured in BonVoyage an interesting T, put together by the big brown house, a creative shop that makes wonderful items out of old fabrics ...a gal after my own heart.
do take the time to click on both.

09 February 2011

what a mess

What a mess I have made of my latest knitting projects.

#1...I set the shawl collar in improperly. My mattress stitch was so perfect that I could barely make out the stitches and cut the main part of the neck whilst unpicking. Likelihood of my fixing this... 50%.
#2.. wee vest . As you can see one side of neck is longer than the other. Likelihood of fixing 80%. Knitted from leftover wool from a darling rabbit outfit I made for my first grandchild (wish I had a piccie)

#3....I most certainly will run out of leftover 70s Sirdar wool before this cable helmet is finished. If I remember correctly I made a rather nice Tyrolean style cardi out of this. Likelihood of finishing this project...15%.

What happened to the days when I used to knock of this kind of thing every week
I blame it on the drugs!

Oliver is waiting patiently for a new outfit...a cap. a vest....anything!!

Etsy news

I am way behind on giving credit to these treasury makers.
A collection of vintage pillowcases has been features in these spring like T's.
Spring....and dreams to come was put together by agleaschest, an etsy shop that donates profits to a mission in Mexico

and Geometry in blue and yellow , curated by MollysMuses, an interesting, original photographer.

I was introduced to the concept of recycling vintage bed linens (well 70s 80s is not really vintage to me) by blogs I now follow...Thevintagesheetblog is just one of them. Lots of fun. I must have always been attracted to those textiles because it turned out I had a cupboard full at the cabin.

can't wait to get back up there in a couple of months........

07 February 2011

back in blogland

Enough.....no more blogs on how the wee snow drops are coming along, or how you smell spring, (bloggers, you know who you are!) Its still snowing and bloody cold and dreary here.

But, seriously, many thanks to all bloggy buddies who sent warm wishes for my speedy recovery after a hip replacement the week before last. This is NOT something I am going to recommend, much more traumatic than I thought it would be, with a few complications. But I think I have turned the corner and am much more optimistic today.
It will not be long before I will be boasting about my thrift store finds again or recording my market days

Enough about me and on to my favorite subject...vintage textiles

A scarf from my Jacqmar collection, found at the back of the cupboard and not yet on Flickr (well, it is now). Very formal, a commercial take on Hermes, I feel. I much prefer the lovely soft English lady florals Jacqmar did so well.

Oh...out of the blue I had my first sale on zibbet. I have had vintage scarves listed on their free program for about 9 months now.....not a dicky bird. Resolves to look into improving exposure on that site. Any suggestions more than welcome.

Etsy news

I have had many items featured in super treasuries since I have been under the weather, would love to show you them all, so I am just going to plow on perhaps featuring one or two a day till I am finished. All are interesting...some outstanding. Isn't this one elegant?

Its good to be back in blogland.
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