25 February 2011

a bit of this and a bit of that

Tracy, from The Vintage Bothy in England was wondering what to do with a damaged quilt she had, but now I see she is taking it to market tomorrow and will most likely sell 'as is'. I am going to pinch some of her display ideas.

I wish I felt I could sell this 30s applique scottie dog quilt 'as is'. Some one has used it as a drop sheet and there is barely a motif that does not have paint splatters on it. What a shame, it was so adorable. I cannot bring myself to throw it out and I really am not a pillow maker....perhaps I could find some bits to frame.

I have never been to The Textile Museum in Washington and was intrigued by an upcoming exhibition Second Lives, the age old art of recycling textiles. I found their web page sparse and would love to know more.

Oliver (5 weeks) was over for dinner, I was horrified to find out he had no mitts. What kind of Canadian boy has no mitts, its still -20 or so. So I knitted these for him the next day. So satisfying to use up some of my vast stash.

etsy news

see my pretty 30s baby pillow slip.....3rd row



  1. The scottie dog quilt is lovely, how could someone splatter paint all over it! Lucky Oliver having you to make him some mitts, they are lovely! :) x

  2. -20? what a poor little chap!! The Scotties are lovely (as you know, we are scruffy terrier lovers here). I'm not sure what ideas you will be using but be sure to put some pics on your blog.
    Have a lovely weekend.
    T x

  3. The dog quilt is so cute, I have no idea how to fix it ;(


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