13 February 2011

St Antony and the quilt

Early last week I sold one of my favorite quilts on line. A 19th century Jacobs ladder, pieced in rich tones of cinnamon, Turkey red, black and white, gray. Muted, yet almost glowing. A stunning red striped back.
R went to look for for it. I usually keep 19th century in my 3rd floor cedar closet, but I was not too sure as JL (as I call it) had been out to several shows last summer, always good to have on hand as a reference.
R, who is pretty good after all these years of living with vintage textiles looked and looked...he even went to the main warehouse, actually the garage and still banked up with snow. No deal.
The quilt had been paid for...whats to do? as I am still semi-immobile.
I asked my student helper to come over, she was only free late Friday.

Friday morning my lovely Irish nurse came, suggested I prayed to St Antony, she skyped her mam in Ireland for extra help.
My physiotherapist, an athletic young woman from the Philippines arrived at noon, she assured me she prayed to St Antony all the time, inspected the narrow 3rd floor stairs and coached me on how to ascend and descend.

My student, Claudia Puchinele (no prizes for guessing her background) rolled her eyes and muttered it was most likely what her nonni would do. With help, we got to the bursting at the seams cupboard.
and guess what? after about 25 minutes the missing quilt finally emerged from under a big plastic bags of vintage evening bags!!!
St Antony is my new hero....I might even convert.

I will miss JL...now winging its way to Germany

I was lucky to be features in this fabulous treasury put together by Lois, who is one of my must read blogging buddies. She has exquisite taste, even though she does eat deep fried Mars bars.


  1. So pleased you found it! Guess the variety of prayers helped ;)

  2. Beautiful quilt and story!

  3. At least I'm not the only person struggling with that question! What are you wanting to combine in your shop?

    Are we friends on facebook? It would be easier to discuss it if we were! :)
    I'm The Wilted Magnolia on there also.

  4. good old saint Anthony!! Now I am intrigued...don't you like the red and white...I don't mind at all but I'm interested in ''what you had imagined''

  5. ...only when there is no deep fried pizza left!
    Ooh, the thought makes me feel quite ill.
    Love your story and so glad you are up and about x

  6. A wonderful story! Thanks for sending me the link. Who knows..you may just have gotten me started me started in quilt collecting and education for many years to come :) thanks for the help! Melissa Jones (from etsy)

  7. Thank goodness you found it!


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