09 February 2011

what a mess

What a mess I have made of my latest knitting projects.

#1...I set the shawl collar in improperly. My mattress stitch was so perfect that I could barely make out the stitches and cut the main part of the neck whilst unpicking. Likelihood of my fixing this... 50%.
#2.. wee vest . As you can see one side of neck is longer than the other. Likelihood of fixing 80%. Knitted from leftover wool from a darling rabbit outfit I made for my first grandchild (wish I had a piccie)

#3....I most certainly will run out of leftover 70s Sirdar wool before this cable helmet is finished. If I remember correctly I made a rather nice Tyrolean style cardi out of this. Likelihood of finishing this project...15%.

What happened to the days when I used to knock of this kind of thing every week
I blame it on the drugs!

Oliver is waiting patiently for a new outfit...a cap. a vest....anything!!

Etsy news

I am way behind on giving credit to these treasury makers.
A collection of vintage pillowcases has been features in these spring like T's.
Spring....and dreams to come was put together by agleaschest, an etsy shop that donates profits to a mission in Mexico

and Geometry in blue and yellow , curated by MollysMuses, an interesting, original photographer.

I was introduced to the concept of recycling vintage bed linens (well 70s 80s is not really vintage to me) by blogs I now follow...Thevintagesheetblog is just one of them. Lots of fun. I must have always been attracted to those textiles because it turned out I had a cupboard full at the cabin.

can't wait to get back up there in a couple of months........


  1. I like the colour of the wool for the wee vest! I'm sure Oliver wont mind waiting a bit longer (as long as he's not growing too fast LOL) :)

  2. Oh my - it that were my knitting I'd have to tear it right back to the beginning and start over! I never have mastered the art of 'the fix'.

  3. LOL, 70's and 80's is NOT vintage - feels like yesterday to me! I still have (and use) a set of Sheridan sheets we were given for our wedding 32 years ago. They are a psychededic pattern in shades of brown, and i love them! Now I wonder what they would fetch if I listed them on eBay...


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