31 May 2011

Look what I found

A little tour of the thrifts yesterday tipped up this delightful depression era quilt, lots of pretty feedsacking , not much wrong with it except some dirty marks on the back.

I have not looked up the name of this block yet, Barbara Brackman, here I come.

A 30s printed feedsack, have not found a proper one for a few months.

and although I do not often buy clothing I just had to have this Mollie Parnis label....actually, I don't particularly like this 70's long pistachio chiffon number, in excellent condition. I shall save it for the vintage textile and clothing show in October.

Lastly I found 10 (yes ten) vintage Pendleton shirts to add to my collection. How come it took me 15 years to find 20? and now I have found 15 in 3 months?

29 May 2011

Spring antique fair

The weather was misty and damp almost all day. The sun came out about 2.30 which helped dry out my vintage blankets. I sold a lot of them including the blue and white check Horn Bros, from Lindsay, Ontario, you see on the bottom right of the rack. I am finding more customers interested in the old Canadian mills and I wish I had taken pics of the labels. I'll start doing that and post a flickr section, after all I have to use my $22.50 a year pro account.
Needless to say all my Whitney/Hudson Bay/Trapper blankets went, many customers think they were made in Canada and are horrified to learn they were made in England....Whitney to be precise. They are also willing to pay more for the HB label when a Trapper or Indian point is exactly the same thing. Although I think it is rather unprofessional to just lay the blankets on the ground the majority of the sales come from there (if its not broken, don't fix it)

Scarves and fabrics looking a bit of a mess by mid afternoon. Trade was steady all day and I did not even get a chance to see a couple of the over 300 booths. Next time I will send R out to photograph.

I said goodbye to the 30s School House quilt, its always been a favorite, as well as the Wheel of Fortune depression era quilt top, bottom left of rack, that is going to South Africa. Below that you can just spot an 19th century postage stamp Irish Chain top that also found a new home.

All in all a very good day.

27 May 2011

Packing for the show

Loading the van for the Christie antique show tomorrow. And a backbreaking task it is.

I have packed packed vintage blankets, chenille spreads, drapes, curtains.....

scarves of all kinds, fabrics, trim and braid....

quilts, quilt tops, 50s curling jackets, dresses....

linens, embroidery, bedspreads and much more.

Hope it doesn't rain.

25 May 2011

A day out in France

Another fab day out, this time to the pristine , hilltop village of Bruniquel.

I bought a pretty cotton dress from Helene Bassant at the bottom of the hill. Whilst she was making on the spot alterations we climbed to the two castles at the top. Apparently two cousins were on the outs so they built separate places....only about 20 feet apart, they reminded me of the new subdivisions in Toronto. Huge MacMansions all crammed in together.

However the New Castle (built between 1485-1519) has a gracious main/family room, double aspect, fireplace and built in bookshelves.

The terrace of the old castle... truly breathtaking with gorgeous views.

The bathroom will need some renovation....it certainly has potential.

As will the new 19th century kitchen. (I kinda like that stove)

The older summer kitchen boasts the latest in ovens, It has 12 burners and you can control the heat just by shoving the underneath fire about.

After all that renovating the wine press in the courtyard will come in very handy.

These castles were lived in until the 50s, how quickly properties disintegrate.
They were used as a summer home until the mid 80s when the contents were dispersed. Now there is a house clearance I should like to have gone to!

22 May 2011

our last day

The last day of our holiday in France. After a late start and getting hopelessly lost we finally made it to Vianac Gare, a small village, about 6k from Figeac. They were having a vide grenier. The valley is quite narrow and the only area available for an event is by the station, the 'sale de fete' is there too and the locals were setting up for a community lunch.

We arrived late and I rather think most things had been picked over.

I did manage to pick up these interesting small knives with two prongs. Not in the very best condition but for 1 euro they were good enough. Does anyone know what they were used for, Charcuterie perhaps?

Julie would have loved these old grain sacks, unfortunately I have no more room in my luggage.

After a slap up lunch at Terre et Galets in Villenueve d'Aveyron we took a bowl about this medieval bastide town.
You could have shot a cannon down the main street.

However, I always stop and look at local war memorials, where 3 sides are crammed with names of the dead from these small communities......I make sure to read some names, its the least I can do.
This one is unusual in that the heroic figure is painted.

Then we heard music from the large , somewhat austere church. The organist was at practice and we were treated to a private concert.

lots more to tell and show....next week when I am home (boo hoo)

20 May 2011

A day out in the vallee du Lot

A little jaunt around a small part of la vallee du Lot. Its the beginning of summer, not too hot, bright sunshine and warm.

I love peeking into kitchen gardens, so lush here in the sheltered valley.

Some friends I met along the way.

This mill was running up till the early 90s . I'm very fond of old mills, along with vintage shops.

One of the imaculate immaculate villages we visited. In fact, I prefer it to the Les Plus'Beaux Village de France' such as St Cirqe Lapopie, where we were today....why struggle with the tour buses, the ice cream parlors and the Disney World atmosphere when France is packed with charming, clean (except for the dog poop) and delightful other places.

In the afternoon we toured Le Chateaux Ceneviers. The Vicomtess was sitting in the garden, graciously answering questions and chatting but I felt it an imposition to take her photograph.
I'm not one for taking masses of photos of well known sites or views, I think the links do a much better job.

18 May 2011

Vide Grenier

My first experience at a vide grenier in France. I had no idea what to expect.

The whole village turns out! Some professional dealers and some not.

We arrived in Bach just as things were about to get going. The event was based in the main square and spread all over the village and out on to the main road.

The bar is just getting going too....about 9.15 am.

I spent all my money, had a wonderful time. More on what I bought at a later date.

After about an hour R made me leave. But he took a wrong turn and we ended up in Caylus and guess what? they were having their vide grenier also. (serves him right as I wanted to stay in Bach for the communal lunch)

The vide grenier there was all along the main street and it was packed. I had to borrow money! Heaven knows how I am going to get all my goodies home.

15 May 2011

A market a day keeps the doctor away

Have to have my daily market fix whilst in France.

Pigeons in Villefranche de Rouergue. I do not think they are racing pigeons.

Not sure what these are....onions ready to be planted perhaps.

I did not get a chance to take pics of the Saturday market in Cahors as it was pelting with rain (the loudest thunder I have ever heard) could not manage shopping basket, change purse, umbrella and a camera!

Shame about the rubbish bin behind this elegant farmer selling in Limogne de Quercy.

and I can tell you first hand how good this asparagus is.

13 May 2011

What the hells up with blogger?

What a series of woes I am having with blogger........
First, my reader disappeared and I was going to post a rant on how I had contacted blogger several times over many days to no avail and how many others apparently had the same problem.

In the meantime I went to France for a little holiday. My dashboard appeared in French, which was wonderful news as the reader came back.

On Tuesday I did a nice (in my eyes) French post using these photos with links and pithy comments. Like 'what I had for lunch today' see above. I even had some comments.

Today, my dashboard is in English again, with, thank goodness, my reader in tact, but the Tuesday blog has gone!
Whats going on?

FYI I am having a lovely time in des gorges de l'Aveyron. More to follow, I hope.

11 May 2011

Good news...

This post was going to be a rant about how I have lost my blog reader since last Thursday.... and how I had sent countless emails to blogger and how I had no response.....but today...voila!.. you are all back. Must be because I am using the French service....the dashboard is in French.

I am in La Belle France for a little holiday. In des gorges de l'Aveyron, near Villefranche de-Rouergue. It is warm and wonderful.

Here is what I had for lunch today at the Hotel de Commerce in Rieupeyroux. The terrace was packed, and as usual, we got the last table. Out of 12 tables there were only 2 women there and I was one of them.

Our afternoon jaunt to Sauveterre, a bastide town.

Market day in Villefranche tomorrow but thunderstorms are forecast.

06 May 2011

So near and yet so far

May 5th is the second anniversary of my etsy shop....It is at 497 sales. I long to be at 500, a nice round number.

So near and yet so far....

But there have been 6 sales at my new shop boutiquefantastique, do you think I could add these? after all, they are items I had in fabriquefantastique, I just wanted to make more room for 'lace'.

BUT WAIT.....morning of the 6th, four more sales, three of which are souvenir scarves.

excuse me for blowing my own trumpet.

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