22 May 2011

our last day

The last day of our holiday in France. After a late start and getting hopelessly lost we finally made it to Vianac Gare, a small village, about 6k from Figeac. They were having a vide grenier. The valley is quite narrow and the only area available for an event is by the station, the 'sale de fete' is there too and the locals were setting up for a community lunch.

We arrived late and I rather think most things had been picked over.

I did manage to pick up these interesting small knives with two prongs. Not in the very best condition but for 1 euro they were good enough. Does anyone know what they were used for, Charcuterie perhaps?

Julie would have loved these old grain sacks, unfortunately I have no more room in my luggage.

After a slap up lunch at Terre et Galets in Villenueve d'Aveyron we took a bowl about this medieval bastide town.
You could have shot a cannon down the main street.

However, I always stop and look at local war memorials, where 3 sides are crammed with names of the dead from these small communities......I make sure to read some names, its the least I can do.
This one is unusual in that the heroic figure is painted.

Then we heard music from the large , somewhat austere church. The organist was at practice and we were treated to a private concert.

lots more to tell and show....next week when I am home (boo hoo)


  1. What a fabulous trip you are having! Thank you for sharing! I have no clue about the knives, but wonder if they could have to do with fish.... ??

  2. I have to admite I ENVY you!
    What a trip!

  3. thanks for sharing, and safe journey home♥

  4. Hi Jan,
    I've seen newer knives here in France like that used for cheese. With the two little prong thingies, but I'm only an expat over here.
    Maybe a real French person will step up?
    Time to google maybe.


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