15 May 2011

A market a day keeps the doctor away

Have to have my daily market fix whilst in France.

Pigeons in Villefranche de Rouergue. I do not think they are racing pigeons.

Not sure what these are....onions ready to be planted perhaps.

I did not get a chance to take pics of the Saturday market in Cahors as it was pelting with rain (the loudest thunder I have ever heard) could not manage shopping basket, change purse, umbrella and a camera!

Shame about the rubbish bin behind this elegant farmer selling in Limogne de Quercy.

and I can tell you first hand how good this asparagus is.


  1. Ahhhh, white asparagus. It is so time consuming to grow (covering those little shoots each day), expensive, and GOOD to EAT!! :))

    We just LOVE Villefrahche Sur Mer. That is our favorite port of call in the Med. We have been there many times and have taken the train and bus to Nice and to Monaco on numerous occasions. Villefranche is a photographer's paradise.

    Wonderful post.

  2. sorry about the rain Jan, but thanks for sharing you experiences in France... looks wonderful. I lived in Europe for nearly 10 years and never ONCE went to France?!!!!!

  3. This looks just like the market in the small town of Pezenas in Languedoc where I once owned a place. Gosh I miss those markets.

  4. Oh and ahhhh, white asparagus!!! Hard to find in the UK and one of the things I still miss from my homeland even after 25 years. Have fun in France, are you coming to UK at all?

  5. Living and being born 'n' bred in The Vale of Evesham, there is only one type of asparagus - the best! None of this flabby, tasteless white stuff, for once the French are second best!
    Not that I am biased, I can take it or leave it as I prefer fresh peas, but credit where credit is due!!
    How lucky you are to be in France, we are hoping to get there soon.
    T x

  6. Thanks so much for dropping in at my blog great to meet you.Am following you now.

  7. Delicious. That's the biggest asparagus I've ever seen. Mmm, I can taste it.

  8. The long green and white things are baby leeks - you cut about 2/3 of the roots off, and trim the same from the top, and put them in a trench to grow through the season for winter - or, like my neighbour, until they are like tree trunks! Looks as though you had a good time in France.


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