03 May 2011

Look what I found

Look what I found whilst out thrifting yesterday. 4 lengths of 1950s border print cotton, fresh and colorful, ranging from about 5.5 yards of green to 2.5 yards of blue. They look so summery and neat I will take them out to a few shows.

a sweet London souvenir hankie, possibly pre war.

and about 15 interesting vintage scarves. Of course there had to be one Liberty to add to my collection, it has a bit of color bleed from another item, but it is one I do not have. (I think!)

As I buy, on average, about a dozen scarves a week there are always a couple with flaws I overlook in my excitement. These slightly damaged pieces go into a box for my wholesale customers who use them for crafts and upcycling projects, mostly dresses and skirts.
I would love a customer who would use them as lining for evening bags.....wouldn't that be lovely?

I also found some old quilt blocks and piles of pre-cut patches from the 40s. More on those at a later date.


  1. I love that fabric. Could you use it for a dress or is it more like for curtains?

  2. jackpot! love the border prints - let me know if you list them on etsy - i may be interested in them! i'll bet your heart skipped a beat when you saw them! xx c

  3. wow you found some gorgeous things! I like the London scarf, very pretty
    : )

  4. Fantastic finds, I love the lengths of fabric,
    Love Helen xx

  5. oh Jan, what a great idea about damaged vintage scarves! I'll have to borrow that one, and pass it on to some of my scarf customers (unfortunately I have NOT found many scarves worth reporting lately).

  6. Looks like you lucked out! Great idea to use a scarf for a lining in an evening bag (or any bag, for that matter).

  7. Jan,
    Scarves are one of my downfalls...On my summer visit last year my Mom gave me (and my daughter, 18) her whole drawerful of scarves, she doesn't get out much anymore (88yrs), and we want to revamp them into clothing, accessories.
    I do like that idea of evening bag lining!

  8. Chic Chix n Champagne04 May, 2011

    Sorry, that last comment got up without my id.

  9. oh those border print fabrics are lovely!

  10. Those lengths of border print fabric are fantastic. They'll get snapped up.

  11. What beautiful pieces you found. The colors are incredible together like that in the first photo. Thank you for adding the Treasury that I made to your sidebar, I am tickled pink! (And I'm EndearingEphemera @ Etsy)

  12. Wonderful fabrics, what a great find.
    The london souvenir hankie is pretty.
    Thanks for visiting, sorry you didnt win but you were in there - i had a good response, and Logan showed a clear winner!Not sure what I'd have done had he picked up two.....!
    Both Knole and Sissinghurst are great places to visit arent they?

  13. Hi..thanks for the comment on my blog.. you were set as noreply so I couldnt email you back...
    About my sewingroom.. so far so good.. but it can be like this.. still havent sewn anything..LOL..:O)


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