25 May 2011

A day out in France

Another fab day out, this time to the pristine , hilltop village of Bruniquel.

I bought a pretty cotton dress from Helene Bassant at the bottom of the hill. Whilst she was making on the spot alterations we climbed to the two castles at the top. Apparently two cousins were on the outs so they built separate places....only about 20 feet apart, they reminded me of the new subdivisions in Toronto. Huge MacMansions all crammed in together.

However the New Castle (built between 1485-1519) has a gracious main/family room, double aspect, fireplace and built in bookshelves.

The terrace of the old castle... truly breathtaking with gorgeous views.

The bathroom will need some renovation....it certainly has potential.

As will the new 19th century kitchen. (I kinda like that stove)

The older summer kitchen boasts the latest in ovens, It has 12 burners and you can control the heat just by shoving the underneath fire about.

After all that renovating the wine press in the courtyard will come in very handy.

These castles were lived in until the 50s, how quickly properties disintegrate.
They were used as a summer home until the mid 80s when the contents were dispersed. Now there is a house clearance I should like to have gone to!


  1. Sounds as if you are still having fun in France...enjoy to the last minute

  2. Oh--you lucky one! Those photos of France look so luscious and romantic!

  3. Chic Chix n Champagne25 May, 2011

    Those rolling hills are enticing. Call me when you get ready to renovate.

  4. I love the bit about the ovens - shove the fire about a bit - it's true.

    Lovely, lovely, I'm glad you enjoyed France,

  5. Can we say possibilities??? I'm decorating already. That would be a fabulous task if a money tree comes with ze castle.

    The toilet reminds me of summer camp.:)

    Hope you are still having a glorious visit in France.



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