26 April 2015


My valiant  magnolia is trying to flower.
It knows it should.

But its still so bloody cold that the blooms are being frozen as they appear.

I think I have been this route before.
But, then again I did post this in 2012.

And, I am fed up with all the bloggers  ( you know who you are)  banging on about their  bloody gardens in full bloom. I'll get even with you one day.

23 April 2015

blanket label

Isn't this blanket label charming? 

The shepherd with his flock.He looks rather 1930s and the roses indicate that it is English.
I am guessing this ivory and pink blanket dates from about 1950.

Another for my collection

18 April 2015

New Liberty scarves

The sewn in label is my favorite kind. The above was so filthy  I barely knew what it was going to look like, the dirt pored out.  ( so satisfying)  Not clean yet, possibly I will not get the stains out. 
I wish I knew when these labels were retired, this blogger does not know either.

Pretty, soft, traditional colors in this little neckerchief.
Must have a count up of my collection soon, over 800 I know,perhaps about 850.

14 April 2015


A few years ago  ( make that months) I would never have considered buying 1970s polyester knit quilts or quilt tops.

Only pure cotton or wool for me. But, somehow, my mood has changed and I am drawn towards the vivid exuberance and almost folk art quality of this era of quilting.

The makers felt liberated, no need for matching seams and fiddly bits, no unraveling of the fabric. Strong and bold was the order of the day.

But, as usual,  it seems I am late to the party.......see here also.

PS...above all in my etsy shop

09 April 2015

Late again.

Late again, this is my scarf for March.  

Chosen because it is a Canadiana , made in Toronto.
 Out of the thousands of scarves that have passed through my hands in the last few years, I have only had about 4 Canadiana scarves......wish I had kept them.

One had the tag ' proudly made in Port Credit ' now just a part of the GTA. 

The last of my years ' scarf of the month' series,  I did wonder, last April if I would remember to keep it up.

You know me, I am sure there will still be countless occasions to show you old scarves

05 April 2015

Kerikeri oranges

The  St Lawrence Seaway  opened earlier this week,  so you would think that spring might be on its way.
But no......it is  below freezing , the wind is howling and there is a fresh layer of icy snow..

So, I dug up these photos, from my trip to the Northland of  NZ couple of months ago , of Kerikeri oranges.

They may be pock marked, pitted,  bruised, spotty and bashed up,

 but, quite frankly they are the best  oranges I have ever eaten.
Bar none.

Back to textiles next week.

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