26 April 2015


My valiant  magnolia is trying to flower.
It knows it should.

But its still so bloody cold that the blooms are being frozen as they appear.

I think I have been this route before.
But, then again I did post this in 2012.

And, I am fed up with all the bloggers  ( you know who you are)  banging on about their  bloody gardens in full bloom. I'll get even with you one day.


  1. Is this a Stellata? We've just planted one of these up the hillside on our old german shepherd's grave. This one is supposed to be hardy which is why we chose it. However, I couldn't resist the one with big pink flowers too which might struggle here. They are both still babies though so won't flower this year. Is that O.K.? - I didn't want to upset you :)

  2. I dont think it is a Stellata, we did hve one that had to go when the driveway was widened. This one is 50ft high and 35 years or more old....we bought it as a 'dwarf ' magnolia thinking it would bloom under the kitchen window....it was the flowers that were dwarf. We love it.

  3. Hopefully you will get some blooms...when we visited you I remember that tree being in bloom and how pretty it was.

  4. Anonymous07 May, 2015

    I so thoroughly feel your pain on this subject! We are finally seeing some green here but it's killing me to see that all those other bloggers are a month or so ahead of us!


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