29 August 2014

Its been fun

Its been fun having my granddaughters here for most of the summer.

but, WHY do they have to end up in my bed almost every night?

They traveled back to Yorkshire yesterday, One to continue her studies in Paris, and the other to a new school in Bradford.
See you next year,

28 August 2014

Liberty scarves......at last

No new Liberty scarves since April 10th, so I was delighted to find these  two last week when I took my visiting grandson thrifting.

He bought ( or I bought for him!) tons of American sports and college wear and I scored the above. Traditional paisley in gorgeous colors. I must have a count of my collection soon.......think I must be up to 800 by now.
Of course, I did manage to find a few scarves for my shop as well.

25 August 2014

Market customers

Here are Chris and Ellen modelling the Aran and cashmere sweaters they have just bought from my market stall at the Brickworks Market  here in Toronto.

This happy Swedish  mum bought a
1940s embroidered crib quilt for her new baby who was just 28 days old.

Finally a small 1950s curling or Mary Maxim sweater turned up for a young gentleman who had been lurking all summer. Most 50s curling jackets I find seemed to have been made for 300lb farmers.

I love my customers and enjoy  the social interaction every Saturday morning.

20 August 2014

The magic number

Boutiquefantastique is my etsy shop for vintage clothes. The avatar is my Auntie Dolly, my mums sister, whom I loved very much.  Uncle Joe is the groom.

It is my slowest shop and I was waiting for the magic number of sales - 222- to show up.

It was a bit of a  nightmare getting there.

The first #222   ( see below) I could not find and had to cancel the sale. The buyer was very understanding and replied " these things happen" .
The second # 222 sale on a fur coat cancelled within the hour,  the same coat received 3 very ( ridiculous ) low ball offers all on the same day and finally sold at #223 on a lay-a-way.
Sale #222 was a sweet 1930s wedding dress going to Florida.

Vintage clothing is very competitive on etsy, many shops use professional photographers. My photos need much work. Though I do have to say I know what I am talking about and cringe when I see listings selling a flapper dress from the 1920s with a nylon zip up the back.

This site needs some attention.....pull your socks up Jan!

10 August 2014

A good day

A good day at the Brickworks Farmers Market yesterday.

The 1930s dahlia applique quilt sold in the first 30 minutes. First time out after being listed on etsy for over 3 years. Each flower is a different color, my theory is it was made from a kit....perhaps bought from a newspaper or needlework magazine. 

    1950s 9 patch ( left) went to a little boy who badgered his mum for it....I called him my little shop-o-holic.

My theory on the  feedsack Dresden Plate is that it was made for a county fair or competition. It had every thing! Piecing, applique, scalloped edge and  fantastic, lavish hand stitching. No batting, so she could show off the 9 spi  and it was square, all the better for hanging on a wall.
Made to impress, it sold later in the morning.

Usually vintage furs are hung at the back, for political reasons, but I was fed up with lugging them in and out.
Up front the jacket sold too.
Some 50s 60s beaded cardigans went  plus quite a  few bits and bobs from my " stuff for quilters" box.

But no estate linens sold.....
 Ahh well, you can't
 win them all.

06 August 2014

Scarf of the month.....August

Here is my August scarf,

chosen because.....
It is  a Jacqmar that reminds me of my mother. To me, it is the most English of scarves, this one looks very 1950s.
I have a nice collection.

I found it languishing at the back of the cabin cupboard, I must have worn it a few years ago and was delighted to get to know it again.

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