25 August 2014

Market customers

Here are Chris and Ellen modelling the Aran and cashmere sweaters they have just bought from my market stall at the Brickworks Market  here in Toronto.

This happy Swedish  mum bought a
1940s embroidered crib quilt for her new baby who was just 28 days old.

Finally a small 1950s curling or Mary Maxim sweater turned up for a young gentleman who had been lurking all summer. Most 50s curling jackets I find seemed to have been made for 300lb farmers.

I love my customers and enjoy  the social interaction every Saturday morning.


  1. Sounds like you did well and definitely there are happy looking customers. Win/win!

  2. I love a happy customer! That quilt is so gorgeous.

    1. generally this is a very friendly market, not like some others I have attended

  3. very happy customers!! The dish cloth cotton was used for the ties Jan.....


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