28 August 2013

Corn Time

Yum- yum    my favorite time of year.

 Corn season!

 We like to stop at Browns farm, near the Dalston crossroads.

The whole family works together and Mrs Brown seems to have everything under control.

22 August 2013

a rare occurrence

Its rare that a customer sends me a thank you note, let alone a photograph! But a lovely customer did just that yesterday.

She a bought this quilt a couple of weeks ago at the Brickworks Saturday market
I must say its enchanting. 1930s, original and personal, one of my favorites.

 I was specially pleased as it appears I have no other photograph of that particular quilt. Thank you Lenore.

Here are two other  quilts from the 1930s  I am taking out to shows at the moment. Not quite as creative as Lenore's quilt, but good enough. ( I will never sell them with a remark like that )

18 August 2013


So pleased that a couple of Mossfield blankets have turned up. I believe Porritts and Spencer are / were a Hamilton Ontario mill, I wonder if there will be any interest in them at the Christie antique show ( now run by the Hamilton Conservation Authority)  when I attend in September? 
Perhaps a knowledgeable Hamiltonian will drop by.  Booth M5 hint hint.

Another Kenwood... with a very proud ram.This the first I have seen with ' Queensize' displayed.

Finally, a most interesting label. A handsome wool blanket woven with a sort of chrysanthemum border....label in English and Chinese. I have just been perusing Cecil Beatons diary  as a wartime correspondent in China,  published in 1945.
Does this blanket date from that time?  When British troops were in China? or perhaps it is a missionary blanket.
Its a mystery, rather like this one

More for my collection

14 August 2013

Today at the cottage

Today at the cottage , as Canadians describe their country cabins.
There is a brisk breeze, but sunny.
 Mending quilt time on the deck.

Leftovers for lunch.

A glass ( or two) of wine.

Nap on the day bed in the gazebo.....sorry about the 70s pillowcase

Just to make you jealous

11 August 2013

A new table

A new market  table, built specially for me by Bernard, my neighbor  at the Brickworks Farmers Market. He runs Shelf Life, specializing in reclaimed and salvaged  wood.....and very handsome his wares are.

I used it right away.

 The trestles were bought several years ago from a market supply house on the outskirts of Aix, France.....its a wonder we found it as the store was in a large industrial park. Baggage allowance must have been more in those days.


The old table top was becoming too large and cumbersome for me to manage, so Bernard designed a top of lightweight strips that I can roll up and carry easily.

Of course, I have to re-think my van packing plan, I  always take too much, but if people don't see it they can't buy it.

Set up in the garden to try some different table cloths. I have a couple of these 50s brocade bedspreads of the right weight, but feel they are to 'fancy' for an outdoor space.

I could look for a couple of plain heavy spreads, sheets would be to lightweight, I fear.

Puurleeze......don't suggest I actually look at retail!.

Thank you Bernard.

05 August 2013

Half way through summer

Half way through summer already and I think I have only posted once about my stand at the Brickworks Farmers Market on Saturday mornings.

Many of the goodies above and below are in their new homes.

New, at the same Evergreen site, is the Sunday Marche, a mix of farmers, craftspeople, vintage and prepared food stands.

Although it is a bit slow getting off the ground, it has enormous potential and I want to be there.

 I have a great spot by the bridge where I can display my quilts.

Things looked up yesterday when we were joined by The Junction Flea  (coming again in September and October). We moved into The Pavilion.

I had a position right near the entrance, unusual since it had Outward Bound climbing apparatus bang in the middle of my site.
 My display needs work,but I have some ideas for next time.

A perfect day, not too hot and a good turnout.

Yesterday's photos courtesy of my grandson, Alex ( 16) , who was giving me a hand. What a shame he lives
in England as he took to it like a duck to water, even if he had to leave at noon to meet his girlfriend.  

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