18 August 2013


So pleased that a couple of Mossfield blankets have turned up. I believe Porritts and Spencer are / were a Hamilton Ontario mill, I wonder if there will be any interest in them at the Christie antique show ( now run by the Hamilton Conservation Authority)  when I attend in September? 
Perhaps a knowledgeable Hamiltonian will drop by.  Booth M5 hint hint.

Another Kenwood... with a very proud ram.This the first I have seen with ' Queensize' displayed.

Finally, a most interesting label. A handsome wool blanket woven with a sort of chrysanthemum border....label in English and Chinese. I have just been perusing Cecil Beatons diary  as a wartime correspondent in China,  published in 1945.
Does this blanket date from that time?  When British troops were in China? or perhaps it is a missionary blanket.
Its a mystery, rather like this one

More for my collection


  1. You find the most interesting blankets!

  2. Gorgeous! Even though looking at them makes me feel all hot and bothered at the moment. I have bought 2 or 3 blankets lately when I've come across some nice ones - no labels though! I buy them for the dogs or cats to sleep on and then can't bear the thought of them getting covered in hair and wash them, fold them and put them in my linen cupboard instead. Trouble is, if they're nice enough for me to buy, they're too nice to give to the animals. What's a girl to do?

  3. well,you could buy blankets for next to nothing, that are quite damaged, for your dogs.They would still have the great quality of old wool, just a couple of stains or worn bits, Very comforting for your pets.

  4. Hello there kindred spirit! Thanks for stopping by my blog and your kind compliments regarding my photography...I have really been enjoying looking through your posts and darn I wish I could have discovered the Brickworks Market before we left Toronto (back there for my daughters wedding). Next time! I have a passion for vintage fabrics as well but especially labeled wool blankets. I've been lucky enough to find a few with the old label still attached.


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