11 August 2013

A new table

A new market  table, built specially for me by Bernard, my neighbor  at the Brickworks Farmers Market. He runs Shelf Life, specializing in reclaimed and salvaged  wood.....and very handsome his wares are.

I used it right away.

 The trestles were bought several years ago from a market supply house on the outskirts of Aix, France.....its a wonder we found it as the store was in a large industrial park. Baggage allowance must have been more in those days.


The old table top was becoming too large and cumbersome for me to manage, so Bernard designed a top of lightweight strips that I can roll up and carry easily.

Of course, I have to re-think my van packing plan, I  always take too much, but if people don't see it they can't buy it.

Set up in the garden to try some different table cloths. I have a couple of these 50s brocade bedspreads of the right weight, but feel they are to 'fancy' for an outdoor space.

I could look for a couple of plain heavy spreads, sheets would be to lightweight, I fear.

Puurleeze......don't suggest I actually look at retail!.

Thank you Bernard.


  1. Something white, beige, or neutral would show off the bright white tableclothes and linen you have--and bring all the glory of their embroidery and detailing to the eye.

    1. yes, I used to have an taupe Iranian handwoven cloth for the old table, but I think I sold it!!

  2. That's a great table Jan. What about a heavy(ish) plain linen sheet, such as the French ones. I use a medium weight one as an outdoor tablecloth in the summer. That way you have a neutral colour that doesn't fight with your wares but has a little texture.

  3. I do need the weight, I will search for the right thing.I sometimes see textured damask bedspreads from the 50s 60s,usually Italian.

  4. If you find a cloth that's 'right' but is too light...would those clippy things you can get to hold down picnic table clothes work? Just a thought!


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