28 November 2011


Whilst lying in bed this morning I mused how few (none) vintage blanket labels I had added to my flickr collection recently,

when it struck me I was underneath a couple right then. A nice Kenwood, which was the house label for Eatons, a Canadian department store chain,

and a really ugly label from New Zealand on an otherwise lovely cantaloupe and cream check wool blanket. Never have been a duvet person.

Speaking of wool, may I draw your attention to this, needled , a well written blog that I read almost every day. This post is about a favorite sweater. Kate is a designer who lives in Edinburgh.

26 November 2011

A week without a market

The first weekend without a market for a long while, just as well as I have a streaming cold.

An evening out at the National Ballet this week to see a new production of Romeo and Juliet, choreographed by Alexei Ratmansky.The John Cranko production ( so dear to my heart) has been retired.
I have a little quibble in an otherwise strong, visually delightful performance. Act 11, where Mercutio and Tybalt die, just did not do it for me...I felt no strong premonition of the inevitable tragedy. The male dancers were outstanding.

Here is what I would have liked to have worn. An imaginative, well cut dress from 13 Threads. Lois hails from Edinburgh and always has some interesting, hand made garments on offer.

I also fancy this bag, not necessarily for the theater, Free Rein Designs uses real, used horse tack to make her stock....what a great idea. Marci's bags are all handsome and one of a kind.

22 November 2011

Bonus market day

A bonus day at The Brickworks Farmers Market.

The winter indoor space is not ready for the farmers yet so some of us set up outside one last time.
A new spot for me, but it does help to have the van beside me.
Apparently there is no room for non-food vendors throughout the winter, alas. It is my favorite market, plus I get to do the grocery shopping.

I have just picked up a couple of 1940s quilts. The rather rustic Dresden Plate is already up on etsy.

and this one with embroidered roses soon will be!

each rose is a different colour. I always hang a new find up on the line, that way I can give it a thorough inspection.

Roses seems to be in very good, clean condition, I am hoping for the rain that is forecast to give it a good rinse so I will not have to wash it.

19 November 2011

working mans quilt

I love a plain, wool, utility quilt.

not for best, nor for guests, but perhaps made for the help that slept in the barn.

Peeking out of a shelf in my warehouse, an honest working man's quilt.

This wool top ( not perfect) has just arrived. Wouldn't it look fabulous upholstering some chairs?
Like Julie uses her grain sacks.

18 November 2011

my trip to Arizona

Home safe and sound from a short visit to Sedona, Arizona.
I am not much of a 'view' person, but this was the view from my bed!!!

I cannot resist showing you a few photos that I took, but I cannot do better than these.

truly fantastic scenery, wonderful hikes of all levels, and beautifully kept trails.

interesting colours and textures everywhere.

As well as hiking we took trips to Tuzigoot National Monument, Jerome and had a lovely day on the Verde Valley Railway.

Oliver adored hiking, he has a wonderful time high on his mummy or daddy's back, laughing, chatting and looking at exciting things.

Back to textiles next week.

07 November 2011

Sunday at the Market

A good day yesterday at The Sunday Market in Toronto, held at St Lawrence.
After a shaky start (it fell on top of me!) I finally managed to secure a broken table on the stage above me to use as a display.

By way of a change I photographed some customers.

a lovely young woman wearing a chic bicycling helmet she made herself from Canadian wool, so it is ever so warm. The back is secured by inner elastic and it never comes off. She told me she sells them at a shop on Queen Street, but alas did not give me her name.

This regular customer volunteers for non dancing, walk on parts for the National Ballet of Canada. and made his own re purposed scarf from old Pendleton blankets bought at the Salvation Army.

and, Yvonne was sporting a dynamite necklace.
One of the joys of setting up at a market is that you meet a wonderful variety of people, some of whom become friends. Packing up at the end of a day is not such a joy.

04 November 2011


Out thrifting this week I came across a pretty silk scarf from Whitchurch Silk Mill, Hampshire. New to me, I must try to visit when next in the UK, just up my line.

and an unusual silk scarf signed Cabochard, Paris that led me to a blog about perfume. I wonder whether this scarf was a givaway at some point.

but the big news is I have been featured in the blog Obsessionistas - collectors and their collections. Its fascinating to read, such a variety. Take a peek, I know you will like it.

At the moment my favorite collection on this site is air hostess uniforms

followed by stray shopping carts !!!

Scarves can lead you to all sorts of other delights.....historical , geographical and cultural.....but we knew that!

01 November 2011

homeroom news

Just to let you know I do more than play with my scarves.

I open the door to trick or treaters and

shell out candies,

specially when this notice is brandished in my face.

I pick the last of the flowers in the garden, these small copper chrysanthemums must be over 50 years old, they came with the house, and I love them on my aubergine kitchen tiles.

I carve pumpkins too.

I do the grocery shopping... don't you love this romanesque cauliflower?

I go to concerts and the theater.
The Marinsky Orchestra conducted by Valery Gregiev last week end , and our own Opera Atelier this last Sunday.
I see lots of friends just about every day, eat out and in.
Today, I am going to the Art Gallery of Ontario to see the Chagall exhibition on loan from the Pompidou in Paris, actually I think I have seen them all in situ but, this will be a nice evening as we are going on to have a Chagall inspired dinner at Frank.

Someone told me last week that a successful blog has lots of links so I am doing my best.
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