01 November 2011

homeroom news

Just to let you know I do more than play with my scarves.

I open the door to trick or treaters and

shell out candies,

specially when this notice is brandished in my face.

I pick the last of the flowers in the garden, these small copper chrysanthemums must be over 50 years old, they came with the house, and I love them on my aubergine kitchen tiles.

I carve pumpkins too.

I do the grocery shopping... don't you love this romanesque cauliflower?

I go to concerts and the theater.
The Marinsky Orchestra conducted by Valery Gregiev last week end , and our own Opera Atelier this last Sunday.
I see lots of friends just about every day, eat out and in.
Today, I am going to the Art Gallery of Ontario to see the Chagall exhibition on loan from the Pompidou in Paris, actually I think I have seen them all in situ but, this will be a nice evening as we are going on to have a Chagall inspired dinner at Frank.

Someone told me last week that a successful blog has lots of links so I am doing my best.


  1. Phew! I'm worn out from reading about all the things that you get up to! Keep on linking Girl! :D

  2. Love finding out more about you! I hope you gave Athena enough candy...that cauliflour looks beautiful! Link away!!

  3. Scary looking ghoulies came to your door! Evidently we don't get them at this apartment building.

  4. i love this post.....but not because of the links. because of the authentic glimpse into your life. and the lovely flow in your writing. you do lots of great things!!!

  5. Love this post - and the links! The guisers are fantastic, sadly we had very few this year.

  6. I loved reading about all the things you are up to and would love to accompany you to the concert, opera and the museum. Since we moved from Sydney to the Far North I have suffered culture deprivation. Have a great time.

  7. You have been and are a very busy Bee! I love your Pumpkin

  8. Your posts are always interesting, with or without links! Once again, I love the scarves!

  9. Sorry, I just realised the scarves were in the post above...!


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