04 November 2011


Out thrifting this week I came across a pretty silk scarf from Whitchurch Silk Mill, Hampshire. New to me, I must try to visit when next in the UK, just up my line.

and an unusual silk scarf signed Cabochard, Paris that led me to a blog about perfume. I wonder whether this scarf was a givaway at some point.

but the big news is I have been featured in the blog Obsessionistas - collectors and their collections. Its fascinating to read, such a variety. Take a peek, I know you will like it.

At the moment my favorite collection on this site is air hostess uniforms

followed by stray shopping carts !!!

Scarves can lead you to all sorts of other delights.....historical , geographical and cultural.....but we knew that!


  1. Beautiful scarves - how cool to be on obsessionistas!! well done :-)

  2. Love these beautiful scarves. I have a hard time finding them around here in good condition. Thanks so much for sharing these:-)

  3. Congrats on being featured!!!!!

    Beautiful scarves. :)

  4. Ooh Cabochard perfume - one of my all time favourite fragrances. The pattern on the scarf looks like the packaging.
    I had a look at the air stewardess uniforms as I used to work for British Caledonian Airways and I always get nostalgic when I see those kilts.
    Congratulations on becoming an official obsessionista!


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